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Introduction of Bhawai Dance

Bhawai Dance Rajasthan is a traditional folk dance that can be traced to the medieval period and is one of the most amazing performing arts of Rajasthan. This is a very difficult form of dance and can only be performed by skilled artists. Bhawai or Bhavai dance is performed with enormous skill this dance is an exciting pot balancing dance of the snake charmer tribe, This dance form demonstrates the art of dancing and revolving even while balancing many articles and items on one’s head.

Bhawai Dance was originally believed to have started in the neighboring state of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Bhawai Dance was soon learned by the local tribesmen and women in Rajasthan, who further added to the dance a unique Rajasthani spirit.

Bhawai has been revived by the Government’s constant promotion and by the efforts of private institutions such as the Aarangan Theatre Group and the Bhawai Lokkala Sansthan of Rajasthan. Bhawai combines the quick fineness of the Rajasthani women and their excellent skills in such balancing acts and dance.

The necessary part of the dance, Bhawai is provided by the men singing melodious songs and by instruments like dholak, manjeera, pahkwaja, sarangi, and the bhungal.

Performance of Bhawai Dance

Bhawai Dance Form of Rajasthan India is mostly performed by women dancers balancing as many as seven or nine brass vessels on their heads as they dance rapidly, often revolving and moving with their feet resting onto a glass or on the edge of a weapon.

This dance is performed with great skill this dance is the art of dancing and revolving even while maintaining a fine balancing act and poising many articles and items on one’s head.Rajasthani tribes like Jats, Bhils, Raigars, Meenas, Charmars and Kumhars promoted the growth of this folk art. The Kalbelia tribe of the snake charmers is especially expert in this skill of balancing and the womenfolk of this tribe perform a cheerful saltation while holding as many as seven to eleven clay vessels on their head.

The women folk of these tribes are used to such balancing accuracy due to their effort in the dry desert areas. A number of such vessels and pots are easily carried across a distance in this fashion by the Rajasthani women who transport water from the wells to their homes. Believed to have started in the neighboring state of Gujarat, Bhawai was rapidly picked up and adapted by the local tribal men and women who make known the dance a distinctive Rajasthani essence.

The performer not only balances the pots on her head but also climbs onto a plate (thali) placed on brass tumblers in order to give the dance a supreme turn,. The excitement comes from the fact that even a small irregularity can easily upset the show. The more brave dancers take to performing the trick on broken glass or a sword. Sometimes a dancer also balances a ‘puja thali’ (a plate holding the common items of worship) on her head.

Bhawai dance is a completely exciting act to watch for audience, Bhawai Dance in Rajasthan India is often given a vital turn when the performer not only balances the vessels on head but also climbs upon a plate placed on brass tumblers. Some more adventurous dancers even perform the dance on broken glass or a sword.

Kalbelia tribe of snake charmers

The Kalbelia tribe of snake charmers is the most proficient in the skilful balancing act of Bhawai Dance Rajasthan. The womenfolk of this tribe can perform a joyous greeting even while balancing upto seven to eleven clay vessels on their head. It is believed that these womenfolk are skilled at such balancing accuracy mainly because they have to venture out a lot in the parched desert areas. Quite a few such vessels and pots are effortlessly carried across a distance in the same fashion by Rajasthani women in order to carry water from the wells or well to their homes.

Occasions for Bhavai Dance

Bhavai dance is performed on many occasions. Bhavai dance is played in festive occasion and also in marriages. The government has taken all essential steps to restart this fast dying tradition of folk dance. Many non government organizations are also taking active role in the promotion of this folk culture. This artistic folk dance is promoted in different part of India as well as overseas also.

Bhavai dance elements

.The male musicians, playing the background music are the necessary part of this artistic Bhavai dance. Generally a melodious Rajasthani folk song is being sung by the musicians, adding to beauty of the Bhavai dance. The dancers are decorated wonderfully. They are dressed traditionally in colourful Rajasthani dresses, making the dance more attractive. Many instruments like pakhwaja, dholak jhanjhar, sarangi, harmonium are played while the performance of the Bhavai dance as a background music.

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