Wedding Carnival Stalls

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Rajasthani Stall Booths Theme (Meena Bazaar) includes services like Rajasthani Mehendi artist stalls in events, Caricature Artists, Tattoo artists, Jaipuri Juti stalls in events, Rajasthani Safa Turban, Famous Parrot Astrology, Palmist, Nail Artist, Bangle Maker stalls in events, Pot Maker stalls in events, Handicrafts Stall, Head Massage stalls in events, Rice Painting, Balloon Shooter, Kulhar Chaiwala stalls in events, Miniature Painting Stall, and kids carnival games on rent/hire in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and all Over Rajasthan available.

Guest Welcome Entry Concept

  • Kachhi Ghodi Dance in Jaipur
  • Punjabi Dhol in Udaipur
  • Lavajma in Jodhpur
  • Rajasthani Folk Dancers in Udaipur
  • Rajasthani Welcome Girls for Tilak and Garlanding
  • Darban Muchad Jaipur
  • Shayari Darban in Udaipur
  • Big Puppet Dancers (2 Puppets)
  • Big Nagara in Udaipur
  • Welcome Rajasthani Singer with Harmonium , Dholak (From Udaipur)
  • Ravanhatha (Ektara)
  • Welcome Flag on Entrance in Udaipur
  • Shahanai Nagara in Jaipur
  • Welcome Elephant in Udaipur
  • Welcome Horse in Jodhpur
  • Welcome Camel

Haldi/Mehandi Carnival Stalls

  • Mehndi Girls in Jodhpur
  • Astrologer with Parrotin Jaipur in Udaipur
  • Tarot Card Reader ( Male )
  • Tarot Card Reader ( Female ) in Udaipur
  • Astrologer in Jodhpur
  • Bioscope in Jaipur
  • Live Lac Bangle Making in Jodhpur
  • Tattoo Art in Udaipur
  • Nail Art in Jaipur
  • Block Print with 100 Hankey
  • Sketch Artist in Udaipur
  • Caricature Artist in Jaipur
  • Mud Art (Pot Maker)
  • Puppet Show in Jodhpur
  • 36 States Turban Photo Booth in Udaipur
  • Rajasthani Folk Dancers in Jodhpur
  • Fabric Jewellery Stall in Jaipur
  • Bangle Stall
  • Jutti Mojadi Stall in Udaipur
  • Potli Stall in Jaipur
  • Lehariya Duppata Stall in Udaipur
  • Gajra Stall in Jodhpur
  • Carry Bag Stall
  • Instant Photo Print 150
  • Kite Flying in Jaipur
  • Gas Balloon
  • Message Board in Udaipur
  • Rajasthani Dress PhotoBooth Stall in Udaipur
  • Spa Girls in Jodhpur
  • Giant Bubble Maker in Jaipur

Carnival Game Stall

  • Balloon Shooting
  • Inflatable Jumbo Air Dart Game
  • Bouncy in Udaipur
  • Jenga in Jodhpur
  • Tic Tac Toe in Udaipur
  • Hoopla Game with 50 Gifts
  • Buzz The Wire Game in Jodhpur
  • Inflatable Bowling Alley Game for Kids
  • String Hockey
  • Angry Bird Game in Udaipur
  • Break The Pyramid in Jaipur
  • Dart Game in Jodhpur
  • Trampoline in Udaipur
  • Ring Game with 50 Gifts
  • Archery Game
  • Beer Pong Game in Udaipur
  • Snake & Ladder in Udaipur
  • Carrom in Jodhpur
  • Ball in Bucket in Udaipur
  • Feed The Lion in Udaipur
  • Ball Pit Game in Jodhpur
  • Zorbing Ball in Udaipur
  • Merry-Go-Round in Jaipur
  • Bull Ride in Udaipur
  • Game Spinner
  • Catch The Baton Game in Jaipur

Wooden Game Stall

  • Barrel Storm Game in Jodhpur
  • Air Stabilizer Game
  • Zig Zag Zoop Game in Udaipur
  • Block The Balance Game in Jodhpur
  • Pick up The Block Game in Udaipur
  • String Hockey Game 2 Players
  • String Hockey Game 4 Players in Udaipur
  • Tic Tac Toe Water Game
  • Tic Tac Toe Game in Jaipur
  • Giant Jenga Game in Jodhpur
  • Buzz The Wire Game in Udaipur
  • Spinning Maze Game in Jaipur
  • Carrom Pool Game in Jodhpur
  • Tunnel Ball Game
  • Shuttle Fly Game in Udaipur
  • Shoot the Moon Game in Jodhpur
  • Ball in The Bucket Game
  • Sjoelbak Game in Udaipur
  • Wooden Air Hockey Game in Jaipur
  • Corn Hole Game
  • Jumbo 4 in a row game in Jaipur

Fun Food Carnival Stall

  • Chana Jor Garam in Jaipur
  • Candy Floss
  • Coconut Stall in Udai in Jodhpurpur
  • Ice Gola Wala in Jodhpur
  • Nachoes Stall in Jaipur
  • Sugar Cane Juice
  • Coconut Stall in Jodhpur
  • Kulhad Masala Chai
  • Chocolate Fountain in Udaipur
  • Sweet Corn Stall in Jodhpur
  • Popcorn Stall in Udaipur
  • Paan Stall in Jaipur
  • Fire Paan Wala in Jodhpur
  • Seasonal Fruits with Counter
  • Vitamin C Stall in Jodhpur
  • Turkish Ice Cream Stall in Jaipur
  • Lollipop Stall in Udaipur
  • Cheese Maggi Stall
  • Chaat Counter in Jodhpur
  • Pani Puri Stall in Udaipur
  • Milk Juggler from Mathura in Jaipur
  • Rajasthani Churan Stall
  • Mathura Radha Krishna Milk stall in Udaipur

Duplicate Artist

  • Charlie Chaplin in Jaipur
  • Long Man in Jodhpur
  • Dwarf Man in Udaipur
  • Duplicate PK in Jaipur
  • Mickey & Minnie Cartoon in Udaipur
  • Monkey Character in Udaipur


  • Old Scooter
  • Old Cycle in Udaipur
  • Old Cycle Rickshaw in Udaipur
  • Old Open Auto in Jodhpur
  • Vintage Car in Udaipur
  • Vintage Bullet (Three Tyre ) in Jodhpur

Animal Ride Service

  • Elephant
  • Horse Ride
  • Camel Ride

Royal Rajasthani Lavajma

  • Paan
  • Chatra
  • Mashal / Fire Torch
  • Bhaala / Javelin
  • Bankiya / Tutari
  • Dulhan Paalki
  • Chavar

Other Wedding Services

  • Wedding Pandit in Udaipur
  • Beauticians- Makeup Artist in Jodhpur
  • Safa Turban Pagadi Tieing for Guest in Jaipur
  • White Ghori / Horse in Udaipur
  • Single Horse Baggi
  • Fireworks Show in Jaipur
  • Niagara Falls in Fireworks in Jodhpur
  • Rajasthani Dhabha Food Setup in Udaipur
  • Car Decoration in Udaipur
  • Mahila Ladies Sangeet Dance Choreographer in Jaipur
  • Wedding Invitation Videos in Udaipur
  • Room Hamper
  • Uparne

Baraat Band

  • Royal Brass Band 21 Piece in Jaipur
  • Bagpiper Band (Punjab) in Jodhpur
  • Bagpiper Band (Udaipur) in Udaipur

Wedding Entertainment Services

  • Bollywood Dance Troupe 3 X 3 from Jaipur
  • Male Anchor in Udaipur
  • Female Anchor in Jodhpur
  • Comedian / Mimicry Artist in Udaipur
  • Classical Orchestra Flute, Tabla, Santoor, Jaltarang, Keyboard
  • Ghazal Band 3 Piece in Jodhpur
  • Mehandi Band 3 Piece in Jaipur
  • Kavi Sammelan Night 3 Artist in Udaipur
  • Bar Tender in Jodhpur
  • Bar Setup in Udaipur
  • Juggler in Jaipur
  • Fire Breath in Jodhpur
  • Orchestra Band Live Rock Singer Concerts Performer
  • Orchestra with 3 Artist in Jodhpur
  • Orchestra with 5 Artist in Jaipur in Udaipur
  • Female Singer With 5 Artsit Orchestra Band in Jodhpur

Dance Performance

  • Mayur Dance Artist-4 in Udaipur
  • Punjabi Bhangra Female in Jodhpur
  • Punjabi Dhol from Udaipur
  • Punjabi Dhol from Punjab in Jaipur
  • Langa Party (Rajasthani folk Singer) in Jodhpur
  • Langa Party (Rajasthani folk Singer) Artist-5 in Udaipur

Event Security Service

  • Security Guard
  • Parking Guard in Udaipur
  • Male Bouncers in Jaipur
  • Female Bouncers in Jodhpur

Event Management Service

  • Management Boys in Udaipur
  • Management Girls
  • Shadow Boys in Jaipur
  • Shadow Girls
  • Porters in Jodhpur

Stall list for Any Event :- Carnival Theme, Mela Event, Birthday Anniversary etc. Or let me know of your choice.
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