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India is a very diversified country here are different regions and languages and each having its originality. Every individual has a different taste of music, culture, fashion etc. This is the beauty of our culture that different music from states, bind us whether the language is not easy to understand. Here is few original music of states which one can choose for their events to make it more cultural and can enjoy the moment.


RAJASTHANI DHOL GROUP FOR WEDDING – Rajasthan dhol is the one which is popular in local region specially Rajasthan i’s and Rajput’s are in favour of the Rajasthan dhol and the culture in which they are born and bought. We are in a practice that we will take Rajasthan dhol to different regions and will make it new choice among people, Rajasthan Dhol is one basic and original music which has travelled from many Rajput monasteries and still is alive with its originality and still whenever played steal the heats.


PUNJABI DHOL GROUP FOR WEDDING – authentic Punjabi dhol and its powerful beats Punjabi dhol is a type of music in which no body can stops themselves from dancing. We try to keep it raw and as real as it can be, the beats are so catchy that everybody starts moving as the Punjabi dhol starts. Punjabi dhol are very popular in India and in abroad as well it has been featured in Movies like a zillion time.

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Dhol Wala in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan

We can provide experienced and professional Dhol players for your next event. Our traditional Dhol is make a great addition to the Mehndi night, Sangeet, Baraat Procession or during the Shaadi. Although we specialize in Indian Weddings, our talented Dhol is are available to play at various other occasions including Private Parties, Cultural Shows/ Performances, Club Events and Concerts. We are dedicated to creating a memorable night and leaving the crowd inspired, energized and ready to Bhangra.

Live Dhol can add fervor to any service. For the occasions, we differ the beats for each combine that meets and furthermore modify as indicated by what’s going on. Towards the finish of every union when the festoons are traded, the Dhol is played the loudest and speediest. Upon ask for, our Dhol players can likewise dress in customary Punjabi outfits to make an energetic yet social environment.

Indians love to be very expressive when it comes to celebrations and an event like wedding gives them more than one reason to celebrate. It becomes everybody’s motto to enjoy each and every moment of the wedding. A wedding is incomplete with a proper band and dhol because what is the point of a celebration without the whole family dancing energetically to the rhythm and the beats of loud music. A proper band is required during the procession of a Baraat whereas, dhols are required at more than one ceremony related to the wedding. You can get a Punjabi dhol for the Baraat and also for all the processions and rituals which are performed before the actual Baraat departs. People also prefer a fully functional Brass Band with 16 people or more. You can choose the number of Brass Band players depending on your needs and the length of the Baraat. It is necessary to choose a band and dhol which has the potential to match the brimming energy of your over-excited friends and relatives. The best band and dhol is the one that compels each and every single person to shake a leg and be a part of the celebration.Punjabi Dhol in weddings udaipur

Punjabi Dhol is also known as Bhangra Dhol. Bhangra Dhol is a popular folk instrument from the Punjab. Appropriate songs and beats on the drums that are in perfect harmony with the movements of the dancers. The dhol is played using two wooden sticks, usually made out of bamboo and cane wood. The stick used to play the bass side of the instrument, known as the dagga in Punjabi, is thick (roughly about 10 mm in diameter) and is bent in a quarter-circular arc on the end that strikes the instrument. The other stick, known as tihli, is much thinner and flexible and used to play the higher note end of the instrument. The dhol is slung over the neck of the player with a strap usually made up of woven cotton.

Rajasthan Event Management offers various entertainment activities and stalls to make your celebrations unforgettable. Our team strive for perfection in every possible way because your happy moments makes us more happy. These entertainment activities will make your celebrations more happier and memorable.

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