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Rajasthani wedding theme planner: – Planning the wedding around a particular theme creates a lot of excitement in your guests & makes your wedding a more special moment for everyone. You need to be creative, innovative & use the right decorations to depict the theme. Rajasthan Event Management helps you in deciding the theme, ensure that the venue is suitable for you & all the arrangements for the theme are within your budget. A theme can be as simple as a particular colour or little complicated like based on historical era. Proper decorations are need to be chosen as per the theme for eg: if the theme is based on a particular colour; we can have all the flowers, table cloths, lightings, etc. of that colour. We design the menu as per the theme & inform the caterer accordingly. You need to inform your guests well in advance, so that they can prepare for the wedding accordingly or mention the theme in the invitation card. You also need to get all your outfits as per the theme. We keep a theme based wedding checklist to keep a track of all the arrangements as per your requirement. There are various themes, out of which some are listed below:

  • Themes based on vibrant colours for eg: red, yellow, green, blue.
  • Fun themes like Bollywood theme, Disney theme, carnival theme, mela, etc.
  • Themes based on seasons.
  • Traditional theme, royal wedding theme, Maharaja Theme, etc.
  • Themes based on flowers like sunflower, rose, etc.
  • Nature based wedding themes for eg: garden wedding theme or ocean wedding theme or forest wedding theme or beach wedding theme, etc.
  • Historical wedding like Mughal wedding or Prince & Princess or Soni Mahiwal, Heer Ranjha, Romeo Jullet, etc.
  • Themes based on famous regions / cities for eg: Kashmir, Goa, Kerala, New York, Paris, Venice, Switzerland, Arabic, Roman, Egyptian, etc.
  • Retro themes of 60’s or 80’s
  • Themes based on a village, farmhouse, etc.

Wedding Decor Theme

Rajasthan Event Management assists in creating beautiful settings by introducing unique wedding décor theme to make a wedding exorbitant. This may not need a large budget, things can be kept simple and low cost and yet add uniqueness to celebrations.

Here what we have to offer in the Fusion décor platter with respect to Indian traditions. Indian couples may choose from vibrant Indian to Indo-Western décor styles. We mostly recommend Fusion décor as it adds a unique glamour to your celebration!

It Happens Only in India!

Décor themes that speak all about India. Look, Feel & Wed – the Indian way.

The Rustic Wedding Décor Theme

All natural weddings with an earthy, rustic charm are super trending currently. This wedding décor theme works on an offbeat setting, Ruins of an old temple, old forts , natural style venues, decorations with old temple bells, clay pots, chai kullads, matkas, a minimal mandap decor with banana leaves or genda flowers. These weddings are edgy, all natural and innately Indian!
We Love: Ancient temple bells in dull gold hanging from the top of the mandap.

The Royal-Cool Mughal Wedding Décor Theme

Royalty! Elegance! Grandeur!- the common basics of a Mughal wedding theme.
Go for elegantly printed gazebos or tents rather than rich palette of colors. However, you can choose red, green and gold colors from the Mughal Palette. Using low seating arrangements with like elegant floor mattresses and comfort cushions with low side tables decorated with coloured cloth printed with Mughal motifs is another important Mughal décor element.
We Love: Décor with discreet birdcages like the one that Aishwarya Rai was seen with in the iconic Mughal-era film Jodha Akbar.

The Rajasthani Rajwada Wedding Décor Theme

From colourful rangolis, colourful pots and props to lavish fabrics with a traditional flavour like bandhani to carts and jhulas, this wedding décor theme is loud and festive. Ghoomer dancers, chari dancers, folk singers and local artists can be used as entertainment. The bride comes in a decorated palki or carriage and the groom comes on a ghodi. Lots of fireworks and traditional dal baati churma can add that extra punch to make it even more memorable.
We Love: Décor with Grand Imperial Elephant & Peacock statutes for a majestic look.

The Bollywood Talkies Wedding Décor Theme

Recreate a setting of DDLJ to Om Shanti Om or you may slot in ideas from the classic films of yester years to create a whimsical reel for your real wedding. Depict your big Indian wedding in real life by choosing destination wedding venues, a bollywood tent set-up, poster background stage and ball-room style mandap, pick up dressing styles and hair dos of Sharmila Tagore or Hema Malini, grace the décor with loud musical performances.
We Love: When in an orchid scented beach you get down on your knees to ask your beloved “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?”

The Evergreen Garden Wedding Décor Theme

You will not need many flowers but few varieties of ferns and grass orcas and complimentary props to complete the setting. Here you are with an evergreen archway, a green mandap and a refreshing stage. This wedding décor theme gets more natural in an outdoor venue with a real fountain or a traditional jhoola (swing) decorated with ferns. To add glamour to this setting add props with mirror works.
We Love: A vineyard archway decorated with fruits and twinkle lights.

The Indian Mela Wedding Décor Theme

Kites, bangles, pinwheels, umbrellas, puppet dolls- it includes everything you have craved for as a child at the winter carnival that happens every year at the mela ground near your residence. You can have them all for a colorful setting at your wedding!
We Love: The Giant Jhoola which you have always craved to take a ride, see you have accomplished your wish and your guests are in all smiles!

The Kitschy Cool Indian Wedding Décor Theme

Real,Regal & Bollywood with a hint of Sugar, Pepper & Mint, the flavours of a ‘hatke’ wedding. This wedding décor theme is so flexible that gives an opportunity to be ‘you’, where you can experiment décor even with home items.
We Love: Well, the choice is all yours here.

Something Borrowed…
Hats Off to the contemporary Indian couples who do not hesitate to experiment beyond their culture. However these wedding themes are borrowed from the west, but could be universally implemented in India with an esteemed effort.

The Victorian Wedding Décor Theme

Fine floral china, lots of lace, and sweet-smelling rosebuds- a Victorian wedding is about class and grace, and calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature. A sensational botanical garden setting with statues and fountains to add to the nostalgia.
We Love: The wedding cake: a fruitcake decorated with white frosting in ornate scrolled designs and topped with orange blossoms.

The Whimsical Circus Wedding Décor Theme

Drawing inspirations from the west, experiment with color candy bars, macaroons at the dessert table, fruit punches and strawberry fresheners…SO perfectly circus-y.
We Love: The fun photo booth, don’t forget the fancy sunglasses!

The Paper & Origami Wedding Décor Theme

Origami has always been a very elegant art form. A crane here,… a bouquet of flowers there… how about some butterflies? There are many models suitable for weddings and there are many colors of origami paper to match the color of your special day. From bridal invitations to décor subjects the art of Origami withsooth your nerves by folding paper into beautiful models.
We Love: The Chic & lightweight origami earrings as wedding giveaways.Why not choose to include a bit origami in your wedding plans?

The Safari Wedding Theme

Whether it’s a sunset ceremony next to a watering hole, a bush clearing with endless views of the bushes as your backdrop, a service in one of the estate properties or luxurious lodges… natural settings, exclusive ceremonial activities…a safari wedding is unique and a memory for your guests to cherish.
We Love: The bride’s hairdo inspired from African safari wedding for the wedding reception ceremony. Enjoy a relaxing and soothing ambience into the wilderness!

The Glitter Wedding Décor Theme

From the cake topper to the table plan there are so many places to add a little glitter to the wedding décor theme . The glittery canopies with sparkling handmade chandeliers, the crystal wine glasses to the napkin rings, incorporate every tits and bits on a sparkling note. This fun board of shimmers & glitters is ultra feminine, super modern – basically the epitome of girly glam.
We Love: The glittering cocktail accessories

The Kitschy Cool Western Wedding Décor Theme

Quirky, Easy & Pretty- the most adorable traits of a Kitschy cool western wedding style. Right from wedding wears to the photo booth experiment with kitsch, confetti and fun. Let a doll house theme and paper flower backdrop in the limelight!
We Love: Pretty, chubby little girls as bridesmaid for you.

Total Fusion
Here we are at the Climax where Her dhinchak’ marries His sophistication’. Some mix & match, knick & knacks, we bet you will never forget this celebration!

The Morrocan+Rajasthani Wedding Décor Theme Fusion

The Moroccan and Rajasthani blend works fantastic when you’re looking for a colourful wedding. This theme has the vibrance, glitter and ethnicity that can make just about any color combination work. This theme is easily adapted for any size venue and any size budget.
We Love: When a belly dancer entertains your guests on the tunes of Rajasthani folk music.

The Indian Evergreen+ U.S Vineyard Wedding Décor Theme Fusion

However, if we don’t find a vineyard venue other than Nasik here in India, we can always create one. A garden setting or a lawn with lush color palette of forest greens, cabernet reds, and oaky browns that lend themselves to a warm, romantic wedding day vibe. A fern-up wedding mandap with grapevine chandeliers, hang wire lanterns, and fill wine crates with flowers for table decoration.
We Love: The wooden message drop-box at the reception.

The Rustic Indian+ Bohemian Wedding Décor Theme Fusion

Do you trust the rust? The combo of the above two will do justice if you are to host a Rustic Fusion theme wedding. This time your rustic setting will include bougainvillea backdrops complimenting rustic Indian temple bells, wild and vibrant blooms for ceiling décor with lashes of pink & gold ribbons. You can have floating floras in ground water vases; the genda phool is still not out of fashion.
We Love: A a cozy spot for guests or fun photo ops with a tee pee.

The Indian Jungle+ African Safari Wedding Décor Theme Fusion

Natural settings, forest green colour palatte, mason jar lights, rattan balls, wild blooms, animal print canopies, rustic lanterns, chalkboard indicators- all cozen up to give a feeling of a forest ambience to your wedding. You can’t imagine how adventurous it can get!
We Love: Tribal folk dances or belly dancing for entertainment.

The Royal Mughal+ Arabian Nights Wedding Theme Fusion

Since the whole idea is to make guests feel relaxed, try out this fusion drenched with gloss, glam and gandeur, Middle Eastern style. Take the hues from Mughal fashion and mix them with velvet prints of the middle east.
We Love: The Mujra Dance for the Night or sufi sangeet, don’t forget the magic carpet!

The Kitschy Cool Fusion Wedding Décor Theme

A mix ‘n’ match of marigold & orchid, Bolly & Holly and a kitschy quirk theme is ready to define itself. Grace a wedding with the most ‘Different’ décor that hold awe for every moment.
We Love: Anything & Everything that is weird, crazy but stylish!

Rajasthan Event Management offers assistance in planning, designing and proper application of the above wedding décor themes. We also assist in creating a customized budget for these decor themes.

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