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Limousine Car on Rent

Limosusine cars for wedding out of our huge selection of weddings cars available for all types of occasions and events. we provide limousine car for wedding at an affordable cost.

In market there are a lot of wedding car rental companies exist and they provide wedding car hire services with there stylish and antique limousine cars for wedding but always remember before choosing a wedding car rental company that they are providing safe and secure services with there experience wedding car rental chauffeur drivers.

There is the best way to enjoy your special day with your lady is, hire a antique car “limo” for your romantic lady. To do this or Hire Limousine Car For Marriage or Hire Limousine Car For Wedding you can choose Rajasthan Event Management wedding car hire services for Limousine cars.

Limousine Car is a popular car for the bride and groom. The luxury car assures a memorable and grand entrance for the bride. Some of the features you will enjoy in your Chauffeur Driven Limousine Car Hire include electronically adjustable leather seating, air conditioned interior, privacy glass, panoramic roof and a DVD/CD entertainment system, making it suited for both Limousine Car Hire for Corporate Travel and for Limousine Car Hire for Wedding Occasions. Family occasions such as weddings, doli, baraat, birthday, and parties needs Luxury Car Rental for family members, friends and guests. These luxury cars are driven by trained chauffeurs and we take care that all our vehicles perform one function in a particular day. The Wedding Limousine Car on Rent is specially cleaned and prepared on the same day and customize according to the guests requirement.

Rajasthani Shahi Lawazma Entry

Royal wedding requires a warm and special welcome. We cater to your needs for the Royal welcome at wedding. We provide you with number of options for Royal welcome for wedding to choose from. We provide wearing Rajasthani welcome girls for wedding to receive the guests, who are dressed up in elaborately embroidered colorful costume. These welcome girls receive the guests with Perfume spraying and rose petal shower or tilak on forehead.

The groom usually goes in a grand procession to the bride’s place. He sits on a decorated horse with Lawazma. Although you want to have the best grand entrance possible at your wedding reception, keep in mind that there is no need to go over the top. All eyes will be on the bride and groom anyway, so it is best to keep it straightforward, yet memorable.

So stand out on your special day and flaunt style in a classic way. In India, the Wedding Baggi (wagon) and Ghori in the wedding is not a bygone era talk. Now also groom prefers Baggi and Ghori to marriage. The decoration is optional, but a better solution is to do it on your end according to your preferences. A grand wedding is now about to go out with elephants and camels in the lead with jhoomer light, Punjabi Dhol, Tasha, Phul wale Chattar, Shehnai, Rajasthani folk dancers and fireworks enchanting all. People enjoy that type of scheme. These dhol and dancing add life to wedding.

We have a team of attractive young female welcome girls who receive the guests at the entrance. Along with this we provide very special rajasthani welcome services for our esteemed clients. Satisfactory and cost effective services has always been our key point and will remain so.

We are providing the services like Elephants (Haathi), Ghodi, Lights, Baggis (with two, four and six horses), Jhoomar Lights, Palki- Doli, Shehnnai, Dhol Tasha, and Atish Bazi. We also have special arrangement for Doli- Baggi- chariot. We cater to all requirements of lawazma in Jaipur, for special occasions like Shobha Yatra, Public display & gorgeous processions.

We Specialized in Organizing Shahi Marriage with top class services. We are offer Special arrangement for : –

  • Aatish baazi
  • Brass Band
  • Baggi With Four Horses (White)
  • Baggi with Two Horses
  • Baggi With one Horse
  • Bankya
  • Bhangra Party
  • Decorated Camels
  • Doli for Girls with four Persons
  • Dhol-Taasha
  • Flower Decoration
  • Jhumar Set
  • Kacchi Ghodi With Three Persons
  • Kathputali Dance
  • Light Set
  • Langa Party
  • Lawajama
  • Mirror Baggi with Two Horses
  • Punjabi Dhol
  • Paalki with four persons
  • Revolving Stage
  • Palki
  • Shehnai
  • Tasha
  • Victoria Baggi Old Years with Two Horses
  • Welcome Girls

Hire Ravanahatha Artist for Wedding

The ravanahatha’s sound box may be a gourd, a halved coconut shell or hollowed-out cylinder of wood, with a membrane of stretched goat or other hide. A neck of wood or bamboo is attached, carrying between one and four or more peg-tuned strings of gut, hair or steel, strung over a bridge. Some examples may have several sympathetic strings. The bow is usually of horsehair; examples vary in length.

In Indian tradition, the ravanahatha is believed to have originated among the Hela people of Lanka during the time of the legendary king Ravana, after whom the instrument is supposedly named. According to legend, Ravana used the ravanahatha in his devotions to the Hindu God Shiva.[2] In the Hindu Ramayana epic, after the war between Rama and Ravana, Hanuman returned to North India with a ravanahatha. The ravanahatha is particularly popular among street musicians in Rajasthan, North India.

Throughout the history of Medieval India, the kings were patrons of music; this helped in increased popularity of the ravanhatha among royal families. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, it was the first musical instrument to be learned by princes. The Sangit tradition of Rajasthan further helped in popularizing ravanhatta among women.

Some sources claim that between the seventh and tenth centuries AD, Arab traders brought the ravanastron from India to the Near East, where it provided the basic model for the Arab rebab, and other early ancestors of the violin family.

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