Mahila Sangeet at Dariba

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The Mehendi ceremony is considered sacred in almost all wedding ceremonies in India. Here a couple of days before the wedding, the female friends and relatives of the bride get together and smear the bride with a paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder. This is followed by a ceremonial bath after which a person expert in designing Mehendi patterns or the Mehendiwali applies Mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride.

We provide an all encompassing plan to conduct this ceremony keeping with the traditions and practices followed by our clients. From selecting and decorating the venue to going around the whole hog for shopping for clothes, jewellery, arranging professional folk artists for the song and dance accompanying such events, the food on offer etc are attended to in a detailed manner.

Likewise, we provide expert assistance in planning out an outstanding Sangeet Ceremony with all the essential components thrown in at the right proportions.

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we organize Ladies Sangeet for our clients satisfaction. These services are delivered by our experts who have long experience in the domain. Further, sound and lights are also arranged by us for making the event splendid and memorable. We ensure that these services fully satisfy the clients and guests talk about it for a long time. Further, we provide these services to the clients as per their budget specifications.A sangeet is an Indian ceremony prior to the wedding. This event takes place two or three days before a wedding in a Banquet Hall or if a small affair, we provides musical sangeet services. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women. Sangeet ceremony is held few days before mehndi ceremony and comes as a time for joy and merriment amidst the hectic hustling bustling

We are specialist of Ladies Sangeet Organizers in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner & mehndi ki raat, ladies sangeet group in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner. We have male & female singers, dancers, emcee (anchor), choreographer which can perform on music with dholaki player and orchestra band. Group. we can perform following types of songs (geets) for ladies sangeet occasion.It is well known that a Sangeet is the best and most important day in one’s life. We understand this completely and therefore, we put in the best of our efforts to make this special day very unique and memorable in a personal life

One of the important pre-wedding functions is ladies sangeet/ mahendi ki raat that is celebrating with all pump and show now a days. We have full team of Singers/Dancers to make this occassion also very special by rending traditional songs, boli, tapay, gidday. Our Artists ensure that all present relatives and friends participate in the function with gusto. We make them dance and sing and make each and every member feel important.

Sangeet Ceremony

Indian Weddings signify much more than decorations, fineries, entertainment, wedding planners, mehendiwalis and flowers. Most importantly it is the union of two like minded hearts. Secondly it is a bond not only of two people for a lifetime commitment but also between two families. Hindu marriages deal with elaborate occasions of rituals, customs and norms. Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies last for almost four to five days at a stretch. Sangeet Ceremonies forms an integral part of the Indian wedding Ceremonies.

In India people’s wealth, status, religion and language differ. Marriage customs and ceremonies vary accordingly. Basically Sangeet Ceremonies are usually held after The Mehendi Ceremony. The women folk of the household gather around the bride. This is followed by fun, frolic, dance and traditional wedding songs.

Traditionally speaking the Sangeet Ceremonies are very much a part of the formal engagement or the Sagaai program that takes place a few days before the main wedding. It is generally celebrated by North Indian families. However in recent times Sangeet has made its presence felt even in South India. The concept of Sangeet though traditional and age old, is in vogue. Many wedding planners swear by it and says it add the fun dimension to any marriage ceremony. Professional help are also taken to prepare for the occasion. Theme Sangeets are the in thing and enacted with much vigor.

The theme of these Sangeet Ceremonies revolve between the bride and groom – their love life, how they fell in love, how they met, and likewise. The dances are well choreographed and practiced.

Sangeet Ceremonies are given a magnificent proportion if it’s the Pre Wedding Ceremonies of any of the celebrities. The Sangeet Ceremonies of Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar in Rajasthan got rave reviews even in foreign dailies.

Even the Sangeet Ceremonies of Abhishek and Aishwarya was celebrated with much pomp and merry making.

The music that is played in the ceremony varies. Bhangra, Indi pop, Hindi film scores, are the common preferences. D.J”s are hired sometimes to make the occasion more lively.

The song and Dance is followed by elaborate dining arrangements.

Moreover Sangeet Ceremonies also give everyone a chance to get together. Relatives travel long distance to be there beside their loved ones on this special occasion. It speaks of the strong sense of intimacy in Indians. It also shows that by nature Indians are social beings.

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