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Rajasthani Village Theme Decoration

Getting married in a theme wedding is a big trend among the millennials. Most of the couples want novelty in their wedding celebrations and theme weddings are a great way to bring freshness to the age-old wedding traditions.

So if you want to add a little quirkiness to your wedding celebrations then go for a Rajasthani theme wedding. The first thing people remember when we say Rajasthani theme wedding is the grand royal wedding themes, but if you want innovation then make the theme more Rajasthani rural than a royal wedding.

Here we will give you some ideas to organise a Rajasthani village themed wedding.

We would start with the invitation. Add more colour such as pinks (Jaipur), blue (Jodhpur) and golden yellows (Jaisalmer). Other colours you could indulge in are reds and browns (to remind you of the desert state). Instead of the usual royal baarat images select images related to folk art drawings of Rajasthan to adorn your invitation cards. These paintings or drawings should give a sneak peek into the upcoming rural themed wedding.

If you want you can also add gotas and colourful pom poms to your cards.

To set the village ambience you have to nail the decor to the core. Create a typical Rajasthani village with artificial but decorated mud walls, wooden benches, charpais (complete with colourful pillows), earthen pots, pebble floors, hang colourful bangles along with the flowers, rusty looking lanterns, and puppets. Also get hand carts and arrange colourful earthen pots on it.

Dont forget to hang colourful umbrellas and colourful paper pinwheels aesthetically to get the exciting village look.

Another major decoration idea is to set a traditional well prop on the premises complete with the ropes and buckets. Arrange artificial trees around the well. Also, arrange decorated earthen pots around your venue to get the perfect village look.

Create food stalls in a traditional way with mud walls which are decorated and thatched roofs. Ask your caterers to make waiters dressed in traditional Rajasthani outfits and serve the traditional cuisine of the state. If possible serve food in traditional plates and copper glasses of Rajasthan or at least get a replica of it.

Your wedding entertainment should also be based on the theme. So puppet shows and the traditional folk dance of the state, dhol beats etc will be great options.We are available in following cities:-Pratapgarh, Rajsamand, Sawai Madhopur, Sikar, Sirohi, Sri Ganganagar, Tonk, Udaipur, Jaipur.

Langa Folk Party

The Manganiars consider themselves descendants of the Rajputs and are renowned as highly skilled folk musicians of the Thar desert. Their songs are passed on from generation to generation as a form of oral history of the desert. They sing songs about Alexander the Great, about the local Maharajas and past battles in the region. Manganiars have survived for centuries on the patronage of wealthy merchants in caravan towns, particularly Jaisalmer where there is an important settled community today. The traditional jajman (patrons) of the Manganiar are the locally dominant Rajput community, while the Langha have a similar relationship with the Sindhi-Sipahi, a community of Muslim Rajputs. At times of birth, marriage or any family festivity for their Rajput patrons, the Manganiyar musicians are in attendance to evoke the right mood with songs of the desert and many specially composed songs to praise the patron and his family.

Famous Artists : Bundu Khan, Mame Khan, Ghazi Khan, Chugge Khan, Kutle Khan Etc.

Popular Langa Songs : Nimbuda Nimbuda, Aave Hichki, Aage Aage Kotal Ghudlo, Munkhey Takht Chadayo Heer, Saawan, Kesariya Balam, Ghoomer, Oh Ladli Looma Jhuma, Padharo Marre Desh, Gorband Nakhralo, Loomba Re Loomba, Helo Suno Ji Rama Pir, Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulal, Arrara Kalyo, Instrumental, Jodira Chora, Aage Aage Kotal Ghodlo, Nimbuda, Deego Tharo Dagariyo, Aaja Mhara Balma, Punlo, Diwana Banna, Mumal Chale to le Chalu, Banna Ri Laal Pilli Ankhiya, Manwar ro pyalo sa, Banjaria, Holiya, Ital Pital Ro Bhar Lai Bevdo, Taniya Resham Ki, Dharti Dhora Ri, Jija Tu Kala, Meim Gori Ghani, Mor Bole Re, Chirmi, Kesariya Balam ( Welcome Song), Pallo latke gori ko, Mharo Gorband Nakhralo, Nimbooda Nimbooda, Chhaap Tilak Sab Chhini, Duma Dum Mast Kalander, Chirmi ra dala Char, Banna Re Baga Me Jhula, Gordi Kar Solah Singar, Baisara Beera Jaipur Jaay Jo Ji, Udiyo Re Udiyo Dodo Jay Re, Madula la di jo sa, Chaudhary Song, Talariya Magariya, Mehndi Rachan Lagi, Aave Hichki Song ETC.our management staff are available in following cities:-Dungarpur, Hanumangarh, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jhalawar, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur, Karauli, Kota, Nagaur, Pali.

At Rajasthan Event Management We have complete Langa Artist Team under one roof and we performed many Langa Manganiyar Music Shows Across the Rajasthan, India and Abroad.

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Flute Instrumental Artist

Hiring a flute player for wedding, corporate event, wedding reception, anniversary, birthday party or any other type of event can really add a touch of sophistication and create an incredible atmosphere to get everyone in the mood of celebration. The Flute player plays some well-known tunes, Raagas and songs that would be a perfect choice as background or thematic music during the ceremony. We being professional Flute players dazzle the event and charm everyone with our mesmerizing tunes. We can also modify our performance based on the distinctive requirement of the clients. We perform on popular and selected in our style melodies that leave the guests fascinated. If you are thinking of booking something extraordinary for your wedding or any other event then you can hire us to spruce up the celebrations.We also work in this city:-Takhatgarh, Bhinmal, Kishangarh, Sumerpur, Kheroda, Ranakpur, Jhalor, Vijaynagar, Shivganj, Gogunda, Jhadol, Pawli, Phulera, Pilani, Bhiwani, Chirawa, Hisar,Kumbhalgarh

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