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Rajasthani Dhaba Setup

Weddings in Haryana have always been larger than life saga. For Indians, the wedding is a grand affair that includes participation from each and every family member, relatives, and friends. In Haryana, a wedding calls for a grand feast and loud celebrations. Food forms an integral part of every festive occasion in Haryana. And, when the occasion comprises of a wedding, the most important event of a person’s life, you should be sure that the menu should be grand and the food should be simply delicious.

This is where we Nutty Taste plays a vital role as a wedding caterer, we will ensure to make your special day a memorable one with the Rajasthani Dhaba theme. It’s your wedding day and you deserve to have it all! That includes great food and great service. That’s why we serve mouth-watering meals, made from the freshest ingredients, all at a reasonable price.

We will work with you to design a menu to suit your taste, budget, and requirements, this will be followed by our food tasting service. We are always happy to come to your home and discuss your party and arrange a tasting of your chosen menu.

rajasthani food caterers come into the scene the moment the date is fixed. First, there will be interactive sessions with you and your family on plans and budgets. After a few sessions, we will bring you options under various heads like venue, theme decor including flowers, lighting, entertainment, photography and videography. Then, we will get the best quotes from vendors to suit your budget, and help you negotiate the rates. If our clients have preferred vendors, we make sure they work better for them. Once the vendors are fixed, we will not only finalize the deal but also brief them about the requirements. For instance, we will brief the lighting men on just what will match the theme or color. During the function, rajasthani food caterers will supervises the work of the vendors to ensure that the plans are faithfully executed.

Carnival Theme Stall for Wedding

The Mehendi ceremony is considered sacred in almost all wedding ceremonies in India. Here a couple of days before the wedding, the female friends and relatives of the bride get together and smear the bride with a paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder. This is followed by a ceremonial bath after which a person expert in designing Mehendi patterns or the Mehendiwali applies Mehendi on the hands and feet of the bride. We provide an all encompassing plan to conduct this ceremony keeping with the traditions and practices followed by our clients. From selecting and decorating the venue to going around the whole hog for shopping for clothes, jewellery, arranging professional folk artists for the song and dance accompanying such events, the food on offer etc are attended to in a detailed manner. Likewise, we provide expert assistance in planning out an outstanding Sangeet Ceremony with all the essential components thrown in at the right proportions.our management staff are available in following cities:-Ambala, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurugram, Hisar, Jhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Mahendragarh, Nuh, Palwal, Panchkula, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Sirsa, Sonipat, Yamunanagar.

Chana Jor Garam Artist

We offer Chana Jor Garam Group in Haryana, Shayri Pan Artist Booking in Ambala, Best Guest Entertainment Service in Hisar, Chana Jor Garam shayri Wala Group in Rohtak, Akbar Shayri Pan Artist Yamunanagar, Mehandi Function Entertainment Panipat, Mastwala Chana Jor Garam Artists Group for Events Gurugram, Chana Jor Garam Artists Troupes Gurgaon, Chana Jor Garam Shayri Wala Artists Group in Haryana.

Langa Party Booking

Rajasthan Event Management Provide Langa Party booking , Langa Manganiars , Langa Instrumental Music, Rajasthani Langa Songs ,Jugalbandi. Langa Folk party group has the mixture of traditional hereditary caste musicians of Langa and Manganiar community. An accomplished group of singers and musicians from the Barmer, Jaisalmer and jodhpur district of Rajasthan. The Langa community which is renowned for its musicians. Their entire team consists of members of the family, uncles, cousins, brothers, nephews all men. The women were not allowed to perform traditionally and still are not. The women who are part of their team are professional dancer of other communities who team up with them to provide variety to the repertoire at programs. The Langa community whether in Rajasthan or Kutch, has produced musicians of great acclaim. Living in a small village, formal education was not available to him.

Both the Langa and Manganiyar are traditional communities that make their living as musicians. These musicians are revered as professional artists and their performances are inspired by epic stories, folklore as well as the lives of their patrons. They also perform songs of saint-poets like Meera, Kabir, Surdas, Dadu, and the songs of the Sufi saints. We have collaborated with a number of Langa and Manganiyar musicians who can perform at any major event like festivals, rituals, marriage, births and assure hereditary patronage. If you are looking for Langa Manganiyar artists, Rajasthani Langa party, Rajasthani Manganiyar musicians, folk Langa singers, just contact us to make your event a memorable one.

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