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It is believed that the Kachhi Ghodi dance is originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. Generally, the dance is performed for the entertainment of the bridegroom`s party. Dancers are ready with elaborate costumes that resemble them as if they are riding on a dummy horse. It is a vigorous type of dance. It also uses mock fights and the brandishing of swords, nimble sidestepping and pirouetting to the music of drums. During the performance, a ballad singer sings & exploits of the bandit Robin Hoods of Rajasthan. Men in elaborate costumes ride the equally well-decorated dummy horses. However, they hold naked swords in their hands and move rhythmically on the beating of drums and fifes.

Kachhi Ghodi Dance

The Kachhi Ghodi Dance of Rajasthan is one of the most popular Folk Dances in Rajasthan. Originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati, the dance is performed for the entertainment of the bridegroom’s party. Dancers while elaborate costumes that resemble them riding on dummy horse.

Performance— The Kachhi Ghodi Dance in Rajasthan is performed on dummy horses. Men in elaborate costumes- red turbans and dhotis and kurtas ride the well bedecked dummy horses. With bare swords in their hands, these dancers move musically to the beating of drums and fifes while a singer narrates the exploits of the Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati. This dance is always performed by men.

Pot Maker for Wedding

Pot Making is one of the fun and interesting activity to entertain the guests of all age groups and mostly kids. Pot Maker molds the clay on running wheel. All the guests will enjoy by seeing this activity.


  • A Pot maker will make different shaped small pots.
  • Pot maker can teach how to mould, where kids will enjoy making different pottery.
  • Pots can be taken as return gifts.
  • Molder will bring needed things, clay, wheel etc to carry out the activity.
  • Performance Time: Artist can be available upto 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice of booking).

Requirements from Your End:

  • One chair
  • 1-2 feet height stage platform table (Chowki) (To put wheel and display the pots)
  • Sufficient space (approx 8*8 ft) needs to be arranged from your side.

Mehndi Heena Girls Booking Udaipur

We are professional Mehandi Artist based in Udaipur. we coming up with our original ideas and creating personalized designs. We take a lot of care and patience in creating our designs.

You will always be advised about the latest Mehandi trends, as we always keep up with them. We only use Mehandi that is 100% pure and natural. We also work with glitter gels and Swarovski crystals, which are a great way to enhance and accessories your design.

Our ambition is to make your special event a unique one.

We offer Mehandi and Beauty Services that are personalized to create stunning designs that will compliment you and your overall look.

The Mehandi packages we offer to your individual requirements, which can be discussed when you book your one to one free consultation. This gives you, as well as me the time to discuss your ideas and my professional input to create your unique custom-designs

We also use glitter gels and Swarovski crystals to accessories your Henna design to give it that glamorous touch.

Our custom-designed Mehandi art is not just limited for the Bride/Groom and her family, we also cater for engagements; pamper parties; fashion shows; photo shoots; charity events/fairs and exhibitions.

Our full range of Mehndi services includes latest arabic patterns:

  • Bridal Mehandi
  • Baby Shower Mehandi
  • Traditional Mehandi
  • Mehandi for parties
  • Mehandi Tattoos for fun
  • Janmotsav Mehandi
  • Grehparvesh Mehandi
  • Marriage anniversary Mehandi
  • Karwa chouth ki Mehandi
  • Gangour/Sinjara Mehandi
  • Festival Mehandi
  • Arabic Mehandi
  • Tattoos Mehandi
  • General Mehandi
  • Bridal Makeup/Hair

We also travel for destination weddings

We offer the most reasonable rates that everyone can afford with the best results.

Book Our Mehandi Packages

Full Contract : One Day Pack (Maximum 10 Hours Services) Bridal Mehandi with Any 10 Persons.

Half Contract : Maximum 5 Hours Services for Complete Bridal Mehandi with Any 5 Persons.

Full Package : Maximum 6 Hours Services of General Mehandi with Only One Mehandi Service Provider.

Half Package : Maximum 3 Hours Services of General Mehandi with Only One Mehandi Service Provider.We provide Kachi Ghodi Welcome Artist Jaipur,Pot Maker for Wedding,Mehndi Heena Girls Booking Udaipur ,Rajasthani Kachchhi Ghodi Dance Kachhi ghodi nritya, Kachhi Ghodi Dance , Kachhi Ghodi Folk Dance Jaipur,Pottery Artist Jaipur,Wedding Mehandi Wali Girls, Wedding Mehandi Wali Girls, Best Mehandi Wali,Bridal Mehandi Artist,Mehandi Sangeet,Best henna Artist,Wedding Henna Mehandi,Bridal Henna in Udaipur

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