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Punjabi Dhol is also known as bhangra dhol. Bhangra Dhol is a popular folk drum from the Punjab. The Punjabi Dhol is well known worldwide due to its prominent place in Punjabi bhangra music. It is most popular instrument at Indian weddings. The troup of musicians will play traditional bhangra music at the event.

  • Punjabhi Dhol Troup
  • Dhol musicians will come in traditional Punjabi wear
  • Musical instruments (Dhol) will brought by musicians

If you want your event to come alive, then ‘Punjabi Dhol Beats’ is a must. No matter what the merry-making occasion is, the ‘dhol’ adds life and excitement and brings the feeling of happiness in the occasion. Since the roots of Indian culture lies in beats of Dhol, none of the places in the country make these beats excluded in their ceremonies.To add to the mood, we ‘Rajasthan Event Management ’ has attractive offers for the ‘a dhol wala’ in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan.

We cater to each and every need that our client wants. The happiness of the client and their celebrations are not just opportunities for us to participate, it is equal to our personal happiness and celebrations as well. We have dancers, singers, and performers who mix with the party makers and make them feel that the dhol players and dancers are among the family members. From attractive tunes to additional instruments to on-demand singing, we include everything in our offers.

The colorful costumes and the dancers with turbans, and also the singers from the roots of Punjab, bring the real mood and feel to the carnival. Our team is more than professionals, they have a deeper understanding and they know how to sing and perform according to the reason of the event. If it’s a wedding, they sing wedding songs in the native language and if the event is about the celebration of success, then no one could match the level of encouraging songs which our vocal artists perform. The band has best dhol instruments and they involve latest microphones and speakers as well. This they do if in case the client demands louder volumes.

We have a considerable base in this service as we have served many clients and have garnered tons and tons of praise. To provide more to our clients, we have different themes like ‘bhangra dhol’, ‘giddha dhol’ and much more variety from which our clients can choose. In Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan, we have built a reputation and our previous clients have recommended us to many. We guarantee to give you best!

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