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Rajasthani Folk Singer

We aim to provide you with the best Rajasthani folk singers of India. We believe that our India is full of talent and skills. Talents from different places have their own importance. If you see Rajasthani folk singers performing in any event or even performing at home, they will make you feel like goosebumps on your body. Your heart will be melted by their performance and then you will come to know how proud you are to have this talent in your nation.

Nowadays all the events and weddings are crowded with dancers and singers performing on bollywood songs. You listen them and forget them. But when you listen to the Rajasthani folk singers performing on their folk songs, they made it feel like we have touched our mother land and feel so proud every time we listen them.

Our team has chosen gems from all over the country to perform Rajasthani folk songs at your events and make your events give lively feel. Their performances not only praised by our country people but foreign people also love their performance. Due to their love for culture and their mother land, their talent is still alive in the country within thousands of people.

Whenever we want to make arrangements for wedding, we have to go through all the managements whether it’s catering management, event management or anything that needs to be managed. When it comes to event management, we are very choosy in choosing the performers on our special events. The ones we should encourage are not even thought of by us. We always want perfection in our events. This is all we do by making them perform. They don’t need any practice or rehearsal for their performances. They sing from the bottom of their hearts that is why their voice reaches to the bottom of the hearts of the audiences.

In order to make your event classy with a traditional look, do hire us and we will get with the best Rajasthani folk singers at your place to create magic on the stage. You will not have to regret for choosing us for your event. You will rather recommend us to your friends and relatives after watching our artists’ performances. We have the best Rajasthani Folk Singers in Kohima, Nagaland. If you want to hire us, go to our contact page and contact us with not a single minute wasted.

We provide Rajasthani Artist in all this Cities:- Dimapur, Kiphire, Kohima, Longleng, Mokokchung, Mon, Peren, Phek, Tuensang, Wokha, Zunheboto.

Bagpiper Army Fauji Band Booking

The offered range of services include Punjabi Pipe Band, Bagpipers Band, Fauji Band, and Nagar Kirtan Band. Rajasthan Event Management provide the band facilities for various occasions and celebrations across the city, rendering vast range of these services for weddings, social gatherings, political events, and other prestigious occasions. We have come a long way since the inception, today our band has earned a remarkable reputation as well as popularity.

We also provide services like road show, rallies, parties, stadiums programs, opening ceremony, shobha yatra etc. Being a best pipe band services provider in India, we are committed to offer genuine satisfactory services to our customers. Our team members are very professional, experienced and fun loving persons who perform well more than you expected. Our services make you feel more reliable and comfortable. We are using latest musical instruments to make your function more enjoyable. Due to our cost effective & enjoyable services we are famous for our work. Our team is very talented, dedicated to their work, capable to making your festivals, functions, wedding more delightful and play music as you demanded traditional as well as western melodies. We always look for a prospect to make your wedding, festival, function more charming.

  • Affordable Prices & Good Client Services
  • Always Punctual
  • Ability to meet the large number of programs at same time
  • Well Professionals & experienced team members
  • Client Centric Approach
  • Best Team or Individual Performance

we are leading entertainment company dedicated to offering its clients world-class entertainment solutions. We provide the best and popular Bagpipe Band in Dimapur, Kiphire, Kohima, Longleng, Mokokchung, Mon, Peren, Phek, Tuensang, Wokha, Zunheboto. We can organize and the best Bagpipe band in no time and ensure to make the event grand. We offer quality solutions to our clients at reasonable prices.

Wedding Entertainment Services

Wedding Entertainment services enhance the glamor of an event. It makes the event atmosphere more lively & vibrant. We are Weddings entertainment Services in Kohima, Nagaland for various types of events such as corporate events, weddings, social parties, birthday parties and much more. We provide unique & creative ideas to incorporate entertainment services in the events so that every event is unique and different.

Weddings require elaborate wedding entertainment services as weddings are mostly a 3-day affair. Couples can choose from a variety of amusement & activity options to make the occasion lively, whereas events like corporate parties or other social parties are one-time event.

Bollywood theme music and dance are most popular at weddings, these may include a variety of DJ Music, Bollywood Dance troupe performance, performing artists to engage the attention of the audience. Should the wedding have a large budget then Bollywood singers, film star performances can also be a part of the entertainment for the wedding. DJ & Music entertainment are also popular for corporate and other social parties.

Wedding entertainment services in Kohima, Nagaland offers a wide variety of entertainments to cater to the needs of the guest. The Guest just have to pick from our wide variety of entertainment to make the wedding ceremony a perfect wedding according to your dreams and will fit into your budgets.

You can start by deciding which songs you would like to hear during your ceremony and reception. Definitely, the performers will need your song lists so as to make sure they can play or sing the titles you’re requesting.

Once you have decided on the band, singer or soloist, DJ or ensemble what you want is to book it quickly. If you are hesitating you could forfeit the performer you truly want. You can have the opportunity of having various themes and events comprising of different music and entertainment. Unique entertaining songs from European Opera, Hollywood night, Bollywood night, Bands, Comedy shows, Music competitions, Classical Indian Dances etc. We have a good collection of suggestions and choices from our old functions and our specialist can suggest you that what could be the best for you. Wedding ceremonies are not just ordinary events they need some extra effects, glamor and amusement. Rajasthan Event Management is here to bring all these entertainment services and amusement in your wedding ceremonies and make your dream wedding come true.

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