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Welcome Girls / Female Hostess For Wedding Corporate Event In Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan

Royal Events requires a warm and special welcome. We cater to your needs for the Royal welcome at Corporate Events and wedding. We provide you with number of options for Royal welcome for Events to choose from. We provide wearing Rajasthani welcome girls for wedding to receive the guests, who are dressed up in elaborately embroidered colorful costume. These welcome girls receive the guests with Perfume spraying and rose petal shower or tilak on forehead.

We have a team of attractive young female welcome girls who receive the guests at the entrance. Along with this we provide very special rajasthani welcome services for our esteemed clients.

Make your event more elegant with beautiful welcome girls by Rajasthan Event Management. Welcome Girls are eye candy to any event. Be it Wedding, Corporate Parties, Private Parties etc. Rajasthan Event Management Welcome Girls are high profile, well-spoken and beautiful girls to be present at your event.

Welcome girls by Rajasthan Event Management can accompany the bride, groom or guest of honour at the event. These welcome girls can be stationed at the entrance of the venue to welcome the guests. They can be made to do tilak and present garland at any event.

Welcome Girls by Rajasthan Event Management come with various costumes options, dresses and special attire as per requirements.

We are popularly known to provide Welcome girls in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan.Our Services are available in Pan India. If you require to book Welcome Girls for Parties, Events and Weddings, feel free to contact Rajasthan Event Management to book high profile well-spoken and beautiful Welcome Girls for your events.

Welcome girls come in a group of 2 to 20 as per requirement. The client can choose and decide the dresses for the events.

Our Welcome Girls can be much more than just eye candy at the event. The client can give a designate specific task to one or a group of welcome girls.
Call 99286-86346, 9413174160 to book Welcome Girls for any event.

We offer International & Indian Welcome Girls as per budget and requirements.Welcome girls are also known as Apsara Girls, as the name suggests, Apsara Girls by Rajasthan Event Management wear beautiful dresses and costumes to enact like apsaras at the event.

Hire Ravanhatha Artist

The ravanahatha’s sound box may be a gourd, a halved coconut shell or hollowed-out cylinder of wood, with a membrane of stretched goat or other hide. A neck of wood or bamboo is attached, carrying between one and four or more peg-tuned strings of gut, hair or steel, strung over a bridge. Some examples may have several sympathetic strings. The bow is usually of horsehair; examples vary in length.

The very name of the instrument, Ravanahatha – literal for Ravana’s hand, supports this tale to be its inception. The other names by which the instrument can be found are Ravanhatta, Ravanhastha, and Ravanstron. Regardless of the name, the music produced by the instrument is sure to give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the bygone era, making you feel you’re a resident of some historic fort in Rajasthan. 

Unlike the sitar or sarod, which represents Indian classical harmony at the international level, the ravanahatha is a folk instrument associated mainly with the Thar Desert and its nomadic culture. You will not hear any classic Indian ragas performed on the ravanahatha, but in every corner of this magnificent desert, you will meet wanderers who skillfully play dance melodies or brooding meditative tunes.

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