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Kachhi Ghodi Dancer Group

We are truly dedicated to serve these kind of services to the customers in various forms such as the Rajasthani Kachhi Ghodi Dance in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan. This is a dance performed on dummy horses. Men in elaborate costumes ride the equally well decorated dummy horses. Holding naked swords, these dancers move rhythmically to the beating of drums and fifes. A singer narrates the exploits of the Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati.
We are one of the well known service providers of various dance forms which represents the culture of Rajasthan such as the Rajasthani Kachhi Ghodi Dance in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan.

Kachhi Ghodi dance is an Indian folk dance originated in the Shekhawati region in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a state full of historical significance and rich cultural background. In this unique style of dance, performers wear novelty horse costume. Singers narrate the folk lore of the local bandits and the dancers even enact mock fight. Professionals perform in wedding ceremonies and other social events for the entertainment of the guests. Although it originated in Rajasthan but eventually it was adopted and performed in other states of the country.

The word Kachchhi Ghodi refers to the horse costume wore on the waist of the performer. It is a combination performance by the dancers, singers and the musicians. The dancers wear white kurta and colourful turban and tie the imitation of horse costume in their waist. The shell of the costume is made of papier-mache to resemble a horse supported by a bamboo structure. The dummy does not have legs and is covered with bright coloured fabric with mirror–work embroidery. The dancers perform with musical bells tied to the feet on the rhythm of the songs accompanied by flute and drums.

Tales of Bhanwariya bandit is narrated in the songs and the dancers resembling as warriors on horseback participate in mock fight with blunt sword. Kachchhi Ghodi dance has become the symbol of Rajasthani culture. The bright embellished mare costume brightens the sight of any traditional and festive procession in Rajasthan with the unique form of dancing by the Kachchhi Ghodi dancers.

We are providing the services like Elephants (Haathi), Ghodi, Lights, Baggis (with two, four and six horses), Jhoomar Lights, Palki- Doli, Shehnnai, Dhol Tasha, and Atish Bazi. We also have special arrangement for Doli- Baggi- chariot. We cater to all requirements of lawazma in Jaipur, for special occasions like Shobha Yatra, Public display & gorgeous processions.

We Specialized in Organizing Shahi Marriage with top class services. We are offer Special arrangement for : –

  • Aatish baazi
  • Brass Band
  • Baggi With Four Horses (White)
  • Baggi with Two Horses
  • Baggi With one Horse
  • Bankya
  • Bhangra Party
  • Decorated Camels
  • Doli for Girls with four Persons
  • Dhol-Taasha
  • Flower Decoration
  • Jhumar Set
  • Kacchi Ghodi With Three Persons
  • Kathputali Dance
  • Light Set
  • Langa Party
  • Lawajama
  • Mirror Baggi with Two Horses
  • Punjabi Dhol
  • Paalki with four persons
  • Revolving Stage
  • Palki
  • Shehnai
  • Tasha
  • Victoria Baggi Old Years with Two Horses
  • Welcome Girls

Wedding Fun Food Stalls

It is worth mentioning that food is one of the most important parts of your wedding. A wedding without food is just not done! Yes, 80% of your guests won’t attend it. And those 20% will be your close family members.

Also, it is important that the food you arrange for your wedding is tasty and sumptuous. If it is not delicious, then trust your guests would make complaints all their lives. And at the same if the food is finger licking, then also they won’t stop boasting about you. So, it is important that the latest Indian wedding food menu list is incorporated into your wedding.

Indian food makes for the best wedding foods in the world. There are different kinds of food available in India. Each state in India has its own unique taste and different delicacies.

For instance, Rajasthan is famous for its Rajasthani cuisine, which is spicy and very flavorful, while South India is famous for its food items prepared with rice flour, like idli, dosa, etc.

If you are planning to feed your guests with the most finger-licking food items, then the options are endless. You can have North Indian food items to South Indian food items or Eastern Indian delicacies to Western Indian cuisines added to your wedding food menu.

Chocolate Fountain Live Stall

Everyone likes chocolate. Especially kids like most. The chocolate live stall is very much suitable for kid\’s gatherings like birthdays. All kids can have fun and enjoy the chocolate fountain.

Cotton Candy Live Stall

Cotton candy also called as sugar candy. Everyone likes cotton candy. Especially kids like most. Cotton candy live stall is very much suitable for kid\’s gatherings like birthdays. All kids can have fun and enjoys the cotton candy.

Ice Gola Live Stall

Everyone likes Ice Gola / Chuski. Especially kids like most. Ice Gola live stall is very much suitable for kid\’s gatherings like birthdays.

Popcorn Live Stall

Everyone likes Pop Corn. Especially kids like most.Popcorn live stall is very much suitable for kid\’s gatherings like birthdays.

Sweet Corn Live Stall

Everyone likes Sweet Corn. Especially kids like most. Sweet Corn live stall is very much suitable for kid\’s gatherings like birthdays.

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  1. Kachhi Ghodi dancers for guest welcome
  2. Traditional Rajasthani welcome with Kachhi Ghodi dance
  3. Kachhi Ghodi folk dancers for event reception
  4. Rajasthani Kachhi Ghodi artists for guest greeting
  5. Guest welcome with Kachhi Ghodi dance performance
  6. Traditional folk dance for welcoming guests
  7. Kachhi Ghodi dance troupe for event entrance
  8. Rajasthani cultural dance for guest reception
  9. Kachhi Ghodi dance entertainment for event welcome
  10. Traditional dance group for guest hospitality
  11. Kachhi Ghodi dancers for event meet and greet
  12. Rajasthani folk performers for guest arrival
  13. Kachhi Ghodi dance ensemble for event introduction
  14. Cultural welcome with Kachhi Ghodi dancers
  15. Rajasthani folk dance show for guest welcome
  16. Royal Lavajma Group for wedding event
  17. Lavajma dance performers for wedding
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