Corporate Event Folk Dance at TatSaraasa Resort & Spa Udaipur

Corporate Event Folk Dance at TatSaraasa Resort & Spa Udaipur, Rajasthan

Ghumar and Jhumar are the main dances of Rajasthan. These dances are performed on important occasions and festivals. On the festival of Holi, Deepawali and Gangaur the atmosphere reverberate with Ghumar dance. In Ghumar, dance performing women wear ‘Lahanga’ and ‘Odhni’ and carry large plates full of lighted earthen lamps while moving their feet. In this dance, women move in a circle and because of this movement, it is called Ghumar. Like Ghumar in Rajasthan, ‘Bhawai’ dance is also practiced widely. ‘Bhawai’ is a dance of a sub-caste of Rajasthan. This is a dance of the menfolk and is based upon a narrative. The narrative is particularly accompanied by song and dance. The entire dance is organized on the basis of local folklore and the performers of the dance keep on moving from place to place.