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Bride Groom Entry Concept

Whether you are getting married in a big fat wedding or a small intimate wedding, one thing that remains common is your bridal entrance.

When you’re looking for event organizers in Rajasthan or a team of experts who can make your dream a reality, choose the best professionals with proven experience in planning a fabulous, memorable wedding. Rajasthan Event Management would help make your perfect celebration happen in a unique and luxurious style. We strive to turn your vision into reality. Our strength lies in the combination of our creativity and excellent wedding reception entry ideas or special entries in weddings. We understand the importance of the occasion and employ our full effort to deliver your dream event on time and within your budget.

We offer unique wedding entry for bride and groom, designed and styled in a way to ensure that you enjoy the most important occasion of your life in the best possible way. Your dreams are our inspiration behind crafting a miraculous memorable day for you.

Couples are literally stepping out of the box and taking their wedding entry game to a whole new level. All in all, they’re using anything and everything to make a remarkable couple entry so, if you don’t want your couple entry to be anything short of massive, we’ve got you sorted. Here are some of the best couple entry ideas we spotted from our previous events that are sure to blow your minds! Drive through and plan your couple entry now!

Trendy Couple entry ideas that Deserve your Attention

A reception party plays a very important role in a couple’s life. It is like officially a first appearance as a husband and a wife. This is the time when you can actually show the world your couple style. Such an important occasion deserves a grand entry.

1.Grand Entry with cool fire Display
2.Have a sparkling entry
3.Colorful entry with friends
4.Heavenly entry with dry ice cloud effect
5.Elegant entry with flower drowning drone
6.Exclusive couple ball entry concept
7.Inflatable flower entry concept

Best Jaimala/Varmala Concepts

Varmala Concepts In Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan.

With the passage of time new concepts become polular and one of them is Vermala Concepts on the day of marriage . Yes , it is in vogue. We have a good number of Vermala Concepts and Bride/Groom entries with tremendous amount of grace and variety that catches the eye of all present during the Wedding. As we believe in quality and take care of cretive angle as first and foremost need, we therefore, surely succeed in achieving the goal and earn reputation which has consequently made us popular.Just to name a few there are vermala concepts called Diamond theme, Lotus Theme, London Bridge Theme, LED Theme, Jaimal Themes and Entries namely Baggi, Chattar, Vintage Car with Apsra Girls, Mashal Boys, Pandits etc.

Wedding is not an event only it is a life time memory and to make this occassion memorable lots of new Vermala Concepts are introduced from time to time. Jaimala themes are not new but in vogue right from its introduction. These Jaimala themes make marraige more elegant and special.

Knowing this fact Rajasthan Event Management endevour is to creat new Vermala themes with a creative touch that makes your marriage special. We have lots of Jaimala Themes In Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan namely London Bridge theme, Global theme, Lotus theme, Ship Theme, LED Theme, Harness Theme, Heart Theme, Sawaria theme, Book theme, Kalash Theme, Moon Theme, We also give variety of Bride and groom entries to support the Jaimala theme like Cindrella Ball,Vintage Car, Bagi, Chattar, Palki and make the occassion glittering and worth attending for all present guests. To add to the beauty we provided Apsara Girls / Angel Girls/ Foreign Sexophone Girls Players to lead the Bride and Tibetan Pandits/ Mashal Boys/ Dhol-Nagara Boys to lead the groom.

Jaimala Themes

Rajasthan Event Management is known for for providing innovative Jaimala themes and Bride-Groom Entries. We have in-house Jaimala Themes that is renovated from time to time. We have variety of Jaimala themes namely Statue of Liberty Theme, Harness Theme, London Bridge Theme, Globe Theme, Book Theme, Lotus Theme, Sanwaria Theme , LED Theme , Heart Theme and many more. You suggest us the design and we can create the desired theme for your Wedding. Along with theme Bride and Groom Entries are equally important and Rajasthan Event Management ensures that we provide these entries to make the wedding occasion more colourful and glamourous.To name a few we have Palki, Doli, Singhasan, Cinderella ball, Baggies for bride and Chattar, Vintage Car, Baggies for Groom. Now a days it is in vogue to add foreign girls at the time of Bride and Groom entries and we have good range of Indian and foreign girls to add to the beauty such as Violin Girls, Brazilian carnival girls, Foreigner Angel Girls, Apsara Girls, Flower Girls, Russian Dhol Band, Tibetan Pandit, Russian Girls, Cian Girls. Rajasthan Event Management always looks for something innovative and stylish and this hunger is unending which gives our clients the BEST.

Phoolon Ki Chadar Hire

Phoolon Ki Chadar hire for all occasions, also known as a flower canopy or Dupatta. This beautiful flower canopy carried above the brides head for her amazing entrance.

The brides family and friends can carry the flower canopy to guide her like a princess to meet her prince. It can also be called a dupatta.

Our new style of chadar is available for hire and is very lightweight.

Covered in artificial flowers and can be delivered to your venue.

We also offer dry hire of the frame so that you can decorate it as you desire. We have the largest selection of phoolon ki chadar available to hire in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan. The flower canopy can be carried by 4 people who are usually the brothers or uncles of the bride and adds that unique touch to any brides entrance. Check out our dome style chadars which are available in white and gold and have been specially designed by us.

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