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An Entry That Will Make People Roll Their Eyes on Bride and Groom

The most important moment for a bride in her wedding is the time of her entering the wedding hall. It is the time when everyone would roll her eye on her and he is required to handle the pressure in the most beautiful manner. Every bride wants to make it the most memorable moment for her so that people may memorize it for a longer time. As it is always said that first impression is the last impression so the entry of bride in the wedding hall definitely needs to be the best. It is the time when she could truly flaunt her beauty.

She is the attraction of the event and hence her entry really needs to be something that could be beautifully captured in the lenses plus in the eyes of the spectators too. Gone are the days when the brides use to enter in traditional songs running in background like ‘Nahi Jaana’ or ‘Din Shagana Da’, it is the time to do something creepy after all why should boys have all the fun. We are definitely not saying that the traditional entry of the bride in which she takes every step very slowly showing all her ‘Nazaakat’ is out of fashion but there are many other ways to make it beautiful and those who want to make the entry in such a ravishing way, we are there to help them out in the concern.

Your wedding is the biggest event of your life and we would definitely take care of each and every concern of yours. The bride and groom entry is the moment that everyone waits for so eagerly, so if it your grand day we will make your entry even the best one. We have the most astonishing bride and groom entry ideas that would perfectly illustrate your presence to everyone in the most memorable way.

  • Most Quirky Bride and Groom Entry Ideas
  • Fancy Carriage Entry of Bride
  • Entry of Bride in Royal Bike
  • Bride Entering in Jeep with Gang
  • Bride Special Ride on Wheels
  • Bride Entering Mandap Dancing
  • Bride Walking Down with Her Girl Gang

Why to go for a traditional entry when there is so much to experiment upon. Let us arrange and organize your wedding to make the most special day of your life memorable too.

Gone are the days when the demure Indian bride sat at the mandap and waited for the groom to arrive on a bedecked horse. Things have changed, and how, with more and more brides opting to make a stunning entries at their weddings.“Brides, and very often both the bride and the groom, want to make spectacular entries, one that is unexpected and will not be easily forgotten and Rajasthan Event Management make it possible as we provides the most unique and amazing Bride & Groom Entry Concepts in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner. Rajasthan Event Management always come with a unique concept, Wedding Entry in a royal way to feel Bride and Groom like a King and Queen with playing traditional instruments with various Flowers and traditional dance form. Bridal Wedding Entry in Grand Royal Style to feel her she is the most Important Person in whole world for both the Bride and Groom family. Bride surrounded by special Dancer, special musics and flowers. Rajasthan Event Management offers a complete range of wedding services along with the Best Bride & Groom Entry Concepts in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner.

Vidaai is one of the most emotional moments in any Wedding. We provide various options of Doli for vidaai. It is up to you to select from the various options available with us. Beautiful garland/ flower/ floral decorated DOLI top notch services is our specialty. Intricately crafted and designed & decorated wedding DOLI are extensively used for the bidaai ceremony and known to deliver a grace to the weddings thereby making them memorable

Wedding is one of the most important occasions of life. Every brides dream of a royal entrance and we assist you fulfill your dream entry in wedding. Various shapes and designs of creatively crafted palki is our speciality. We offer you a wide range of palkis to select from for dream royal bridal entry. Beautifully garland flower floral decorated palki or without it is your choice, we provide best PALKI services in jaipur. Spellbinding the guests, the paalkies provided by us gives a special feel to the brides. Extensively used for the special bridal entrance ceremony, our wedding paalkies are known to deliver grace to the weddings. We offer our clients with a designer range of Wedding Palki. Spellbinding the guests and onlookers, the paalkies provided by us grant a special feel to the brides.

We offer our clients with a unique collection of Flower Chattars and Palki. Beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, our palkis are known to make the bride feel special thereby transforming the wedding ceremony into a memorable one. Our paalkis are available in various attractive and elegant designs that leave the on lookers spellbound. Creatively crafted range of palkis can be availed timely at reasonable prices.

We are providing the services like Elephants (Haathi), Ghodi, Lights, Baggis (with two, four and six horses), Jhoomar Lights, Palki- Doli, Shehnnai, Dhol Tasha, and Atish Bazi. We also have special arrangement for Doli- Baggi- chariot. We cater to all requirements of lawazma in Jaipur, for special occasions like Shobha Yatra, Public display & gorgeous processions.

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