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Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life.Rajasthan was also called Rajputana (the country of the Rajputs); Highly cultivated classical music and dance with its own distinct style is part of the cultural tradition of Rajasthan. The music is uncomplicated and songs depict day-to-day relationships and chores, more often focused around fetching water from wells or ponds.The Ghoomar dance from Jodhpur and Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer have gained international recognition. Folk music is a vital part of Rajasthani culture. Kathputali, Bhopa, Chang, Teratali, Ghindar, Kachchhighori etc. are the examples of the traditional Rajasthani culture. Folk songs are commonly ballads which relate heroic deeds and love stories; and religious or devotional songs known as bhajans and banis (often accompanied by musical instruments like dholak, sitar, sarangi etc.) are also sung.

The Rajasthan Event Management is a worldwide Rajasthani (Indian) Folk dance & Music performing company featuring the Rajasthani Sufi (Manganiyar) Music and Marwari folk dances of various Rajasthan cultures. We, based in Jaipur, was formed in 2000 to preserve, perform and spread traditional folk dances from countries around the world.

One of our primary goals has been to use Rajasthani dance & Unique Music to foster awareness and appreciation of other cultures and peoples. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for professionalism and excellence.

Rajasthan Event Management group has been Performing In Corporate Events, Trade Shows Fairs, Conferences, Seminars, College Campus Events, Corporate Company Meetings, Private Parties, Appreciation Events, Product Launches Worldwidely.

Folk Dance of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Folk Dance is colorful, lively and has its significance and importance and it is famous for many traditional folk dances. Simple yet expressive Rajasthani Folk Dance is enjoyed by everyone and hence people often come across the world to visit Rajasthan to watch these varieties of dance forms.

Captivating folk dance forms!

Rajasthani folk dance group is generally mixed with Rajasthani traditional songs, Rajasthani wedding songs and other folk songs of love and heroic deeds. Folk dance of Rajasthan is attractive, skillful, and somewhat enjoyable by any age group and they are the highlights of any celebration and festivity. Some of the Rajasthan’s traditional dance forms are very much different including Ghoomar (famous dance from Udaipur), Chari, Bhavai, Kalbelia (dance from Jaisalmer), Kachighori, etc.

Your one-stop-shop for every event

Rajasthan Event Management is a one-stop-shop for our clients in providing the best dancers for Rajasthani folk dance in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur and all over Rajasthan. We have the best and most talented group of Rajasthani dancers for the wedding who are skilled in their way and have their unique style for performing in the events like Sangeet Ceremony, Teej, Holi, Diwali, New Year Party, Ladies Sangeet, Mehndi, Corporate events, and in other festivals to make your event as attractive as possible. We use the best Rajasthani dresses according to the Rajasthani wedding theme.

Your trusted planners

If you are searching for the top Rajasthani dancers in India, we will be reached to you. We have created 25 years of history in Music and dance and offer personalized event services solutions with the dedicated team along with our flexibility in services that allow us to bring strong client relationships and to keep our clients coming back to us in time-to-time again.

We also provide our services in various locations in Rajasthan including Ajmer, Alwar, Banswara, Baran, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Churu, Dausa, Dholpur, Dungarpur, Hanumangarh, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jhalawar, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur, Karauli, Kota, Nagaur, Pali, Pratapgarh, Rajsamand, Sawai Madhopur, Sikar, Sirohi, Sri Ganganagar, Tonk, Udaipur.

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