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Best Baraat Brass Band

Celebrate your blissful occasion with harmony and dhols. Gone are the days when weddings were about just one unexciting boring tune. Rajasthan Event Management offers both traditional and western music played by trained musicians and artist; regarded as best wedding bands. What’s more, our marriage bands will match it up to your wedding theme, so be it the lively Punjabi sing-song, the rustic Rajasthani music or fine western instrumental music, you will get the music that will set the rhythm of a pleasant and electrifying life ahead.

We are one of the renowned organizations who offer various types of Baraat Band Services to clients. We hold expertise in the managing the Indian Wedding following the Indian traditions and customs. Owing to the presence of our expert team members we are able to offer customized services as per the specifications of our clients. We offer various types of services under this Baraat Band including, royal wedding, wedding ceremony, phere, royal package, jaimala, sangeet, baraat procession, vidaai, budget package, mehendi and mandap decoration.

We have an elaborate team of band players, which performs both traditional as well as western music for our clients depending upon the mood and theme of the occasion. The team performs as per the requirements of our clients.

Wedding Photobooth Stall

A photo booth is a live stall at an event where your guests can pose for photos with fun party props and a photographer capture the photos and give printouts instantly with the help of a photo printer.

A Live / Instant photo booth can bring more excitement to your event. This activity is best suitable for all types of events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, social gatherings, engagement ceremonies, reception, kitty parties, etc.

A photo booth is the best entertainment activity and the best solution for returning gifts also. You can give photo frames/mugs with your guest\’s photo as a return gift.

the best parties have people talking even long after they’ve finished! that goes for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and even product launches and special events. and what better way to ensure people remember your event than to give them a souvenir they can take home? add one of Rajasthan Event Management’s user-friendly Rajatshan photo booth rentals and we can guarantee that your attendees will be thinking about you every time they look at their fun take-off home photo from the event!

Multiple photo booth styles

Rajasthan Event Management’s Rajasthan photo booth rentals are uniquely customized just for your desired style and ambiance. these Rajasthan photo booth rentals offer a variety of photo booth styles including both enclosed and open-air styles to compliment your special day and make it timeless and unforgettable.

open air photo booths allow more space for larger group shots and crazy poses. more space allows for 10 or more guests comfortably. the open-air photo booth is handicapped accessible and creates the best flow for your guests to maximize the number of photos taken per hour. the open-air photo booth is versatile for both indoor and outdoor events.

enclosed photo booths allow for privacy. these photo booths are great if you have a shy group. the extra privacy allows your guests to let loose and be silly! the enclosed booth is handicapped accessible and can accommodate 6-8 people comfortably. the enclosed photo booth is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

our classy props let even the stuffiest of guests to come out of their shell and make candid, fun and memorable moments. we will keep your guests entertained all throughout your wedding reception!

we offer you unlimited keep-sake strips of photos capturing all the silly and fun times! our photo strips are customized for each event via an extensive online library. customizing your photo strip is easy and fun! Rajasthan Event Management doesn’t only add your text to your prints, but we are able to customize your photo strip however you need. we understand that it is not only the photos, but the memory that is created and nothing better than to stamp it with your personal style.

Photo booth rentals are great for business events, too!

a photo booth rental isn’t just a great way to give your guests great memories of an event, though. they’re also a great way for you to brand a new product. if you’re doing a product launch, or maybe a trendy pop-up event, adding an Rajasthan Event Management’s photo booth rental is a smart idea: the photos your attendees take home will have your name and logo all over them.

we’ve worked with all kinds of organizations and causes at hundreds of different events, from summer festivals to pop-up shops in malls. your goal is our goal: to offer a fun experience for attendees and to make sure everyone has an awesome souvenir photo to keep after the event.

in addition, if you’re looking at a mobile photo booth rental for wedding planning, don’t worry- we’ve attended tons of weddings, so our booths will work at almost any venue. photo booths are fun for all types of weddings, both for your guests and for you.

photos can be used in wedding guest books, and you’ll get a copy of all the photos your guests take as well.

trust us, if you’re on the fence about getting a photo booth for your event, go for it. it will not only make your event so. much. fun. but it totally helps to make your event memorable. you won’t regret having this experience at your event!

here at Rajasthan Event Management, we strive to be the best photo booth service in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer Jodhpur, ia. we also provide high-quality dj services, lighting upgrades, karaoke, video projection, and many more options. check out our service upgrades to see what best fits your event entertainment needs here – service upgrades.

photo strips can be customized with different colors, backgrounds, text, and graphics. you can also choose from a large selection of pre-designed layouts.

Mehandi Function Organizer

In Indian cultures, a wedding isn’t simply one “massive day”—it is a series of celebrations going on before and after the couple exchanges vows. The Mehndi birthday party is one of the maximum colourful and important of the parties.

Mehndi isn’t just for style.

There’s a purpose the party occurs so near the ceremony: Tradition says the deeper the color of the bride’s mehndi, the happier the bride and groom’s marriage can be. Designs signify various blessings, good fortune, joy, and love, All says, adding that the groom’s call is generally hidden somewhere inside the intricate styles.

You’ll in all likelihood get mehndi carried out, too.

Guests can regularly choose to have henna carried out—although less problematic than the bride’s—so consider of etiquette. “If you have become henna applied, don’t hog the show—hold it confined to 1 layout and one appendage! Let each person have their threat.

Sans doubt, wedding in Indian culture or society is not all about just one “massive day event” rather it is a series of celebrations that take place one after another. Some events take before the wedding while others transpire after the marriage.

The Mehndi Funtion is one of the exciting and entertaining events in the Indian wedding that brings prominent charm. To make it highly memorable and full of souvenir, We provides entertaining Mehndi Function shows and programs as per your requirement.

The purpose of Mehndi event is to signify the traditional value and significance. We add extra fascination in the shows through our heart-winning shows and performances that can delight one and all present at the auspicious occasion.

Our performers come from a professional background with a high set of skill and talent. We are capable of delivering all types of Mehndi Function performed by a crew of dexterous and seasoned artists.

Our goal is to offer high-class Mehndi Function at an affordable and reasonable cost. This is the major reason we are highly recommended by various groups of people. Once we take the responsibility to make the event grand, we give our 100% to satisfy our client from all perspectives

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