Birthday Party at Bhuwana, Udaipur

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Balloons are the life of a Kids party decoration in Udaipur. If the idea of perfect celebration is on your mind, balloons decoration in Udaipur can add sparkle and glitter to your party! The best part is, you can do a lot with them whenever and wherever you want!

If you think balloons are for kids, you might want to think again! They are all things party! If you are looking to surprise your beloved on your marriage anniversary in Udaipur or Jaipur, you can create a whole balloon photo collage with photos hanging from the helium balloons, expressing your emotions and feelings!

The foil balloons, printed logo balloons and balloons canopy are just the perfect way to commemorate a corporate occasion.

If you are living in Udaipur-Jaipur and looking for the party organizers in town and balloon decoration packages in Udaipur at the best rates, consider yourself lucky! Rajasthan Event Management brings balloon decoration at your doorsteps! Whether you want to create a balloon chandelier, balloon arch or balloon-filled photo booth, get services of best party decorators with Rajasthan Event Management for balloon decoration at home or office!

Udaipur Balloon Decoration Packages

Rajasthan Event Management is a renowned name in online floral delivery and now it has become a destination of balloon bouquet in Udaipur. When arranged in various shapes and layers, the balloons have the capability of uplift the ambience and help you create the perfect moments.

Be it the Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or marriage anniversary, balloons work as the perfect backdrop and photo drops.

From air balloons to hydrogen or helium-filled balloons, from smiley balloons to customized printed balloons and from heart-shaped balloons to polka-dot balloons, you have varied options to choose from to decorate the venue as well as to entertain your guests with!

While we understand that balloon decoration can be very exhaustive and hence, we have made sure that you don’t have to fret with how to make balloon decoration and leave it to the expert balloon decoration service provider at Rajasthan Event Management!

Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

Let the expert create balloon decoration that soar high as your emotions and moods of the celebration. From floating clouds to the balloon cluster of trees and table decoration, just let the experts at Rajasthan Event Management organize your celebration with the finest of party balloon decorating ideas for Udaipur Jaipur! Have fun and let your celebration be memorable and simply stunning! The party organizers at Rajasthan Event Management are expert at handling various themes and decoration. Be it a birthday party or school function balloon decoration, leave your decoration worries at them and get ready for a blast!

Rajasthan Event Management offers artistic balloon decoration for birthday decoration in Udaipur, wedding balloon decoration and balloon decoration hall and party balloon decoration. Specializing in PVC advertising balloon, foil balloon, baby shower balloon, jungle-theme balloon, and fancy balloons decoration services in New Udaipur, Rajasthan Event Management brings you a bright and vivid assortment of balloons. Make your celebration all set and add a festive mood to the ambiance with party decoration balloons.

Balloon Decoration for Udaipur Corporates

For all your balloon decoration in Udaipur within your budget, look no further than Rajasthan Event Management! Make your celebrations memorable for a lifetime, and they won’t cost you a bomb too! Get in touch now! Call at 9928686346 or send an email.

Game Coordinator:-

We have in our team, best game coordinator for birthday parties in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner. We have lots of games ideas for kids and adults in parties. We will provide variety of games like Play numbered train stations, Get gloopy, Sleeping bag race, Find the coin and many more games are available for kids in birthday parties and corporate events. So get your kids started to have lots of fun! Hire best game coordinator for birthday parties, Corporate events, Lunch party and others.

Our game coordinators are very friendly and will be helping you in any way. They will assist you in all types of games till the party gets over. The kids will enjoy and play the games freely and safely with the help of our game coordinators. Game coordinators will also involve mummy and daddy with kids in celebrating and having fun in party.

Game host can also called as game jockey or game organizer. Game host can bring in more excitement to your party with innovative and engaging games. Game host will engage your guests and conduct crazy games and gives funny tasks to make fun, laugh and to entertain.


  • One Game host
  • Organize games for your guests and also can take care of making small announcements.
  • Props to organizing games will bring by game host. Like balls, rings, balloons, straws etc.
  • Games are usually conducted based on the audience age group and mood.
  • Performance time: 45 to 60 minutes

Requirements from Your End:

  • If the gathering is more than 25, Sound system with 2 (two) cordless mics need to be arranged from your end.
  • 25 to 30 gifts to distribute for game winners.

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