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Balloon Decorators Birthday Party Event Organisers Udaipur. Rajasthan Event Udaipur birthday décor is one of the leading balloon decoration companies in Udaipur city to make your special day memorable for your guest. Udaipur is known for its decoration style and we at Udaipur birthday décor create unforgettable balloon decoration in lowest cost guarantee. We have 5 most suitable package specially design for Udaipur clients. Our packages include ambiance decoration, party pros, music, games & activities.

Balloon decoration can be the best thing for a kid’s party. Colourful, harmless and light, these can make your party peppier and brighter than ever. Suitable for kids, these are also the go-to option if your kid suffers from any seasonal or pollen allergy.As you entrust your kid’s balloon decoration party with Rajasthan Event Management, you not only get the ample supply of balloons to decorate the room but the package that fits in your budget also. Moreover, you get the expert services of the artists and interior decorators that take care of your décor entirely. All you have to do is to show them the venue, and the rest is taken care of. From entrance to curtains and ceilings, balloons and balloon arch with satin ribbons are decorated keeping the theme and guests in mind. You can choose from printed balloons, caricature balloons, fancy double-shaded balloons and simple balloons

The Best Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloons are one the best accessories that can create a festive atmosphere for any occasion be it a wedding, birthday party, baby showers or graduation party. They truly form an essential element of any party. They are a wonderful way to add a great sense of excitement to the celebrations. Creating a balloon arch or letting them float freely in the air both can add life to the party decorations and bring on the party mood. Here are some balloon decoration ideas that can add flair and a bit of creativity to the room:

Balloon Flowers

This playful flower arrangement can brighten up the party room. Whatever the choice of the party theme this idea can completely fill up the free space of the party venue and give a fresh look to the celebrations. For this arrangement two balloons of similar colours need to be inflated and their necks are to be tied with the use of finishing line. Repeat the process by taking more balloons. More petals can be added to the balloon flower by taking one more balloon. The cluster centre consists of a small inflated latex balloon.

Beautiful Balloon Centrepiece

In order to make a balloon centrepiece sand, helium, paper sacks, string and balloons will be required that exactly coordinates the colour of the event. Bright coloured balloons can be used to add colour to the party room. The paper sack is filled with sand. Three balloons can be filled with helium and tied with the help of long strings. The sack top can be bunched up and the balloons are tied around them. The sack can be then placed on the centre of the table. These balloon centrepieces can look elegant when they are dressed with number accessories such as ribbons, tulle bows or silk flowers. The balloons can also be given a silver glitter spray to achieve a frosted look.

Helium Balloons Decoration

Balloons that are filled with helium can fly or float in the air. A cluster of these helium balloons can be tied with beautiful ribbons and placed on the tabletops to enhance the beauty. It is best to fill helium in a Mylar balloon than latex balloon since it holds the helium for a long period of time. A group of helium filled balloons can be held together by using paper clips and threaded on the line just like the pearls on a necklace. These balloons can be of the same colour which can create a dramatic effect and goes well with the theme.

Creative Balloon arches

Balloon arches are one of the perfect ways to create a festive atmosphere to the occasion. They are most commonly used in weddings. They can be placed at the wedding entrance or twisted together with silk flowers. An arc of balloons can be assembled and wrapped together with golden ribbons. This can be a perfect decoration choice for the parties involving little children. Arches need not necessarily be made with helium. If the arch is unavailable a bendable metal wire can be used to build an arch. But it should be sturdy so that it can stand on its own. Once the arch is positioned the balloons can be attached to the arch. A number of multi-coloured balloons can be attached to the arch. The piece will turn out to be better if more balloons are attached. Balloon arches usually last for about twelve hours so its construction requires careful planning. The arch can be used in a number of places some brides prefer to place it at the ceremony entrance while some others choose to use it exactly at the ceremony area.

Balloon Place Markers

This is a wonderful idea especially for kid’s parties. Balloons can be used as place markers so that it becomes easy for the kids to identify their seats. Some latex balloons can be blown and the names of the guests can be written on them with the use of a glittered pen. These can be tied in chairs by using ribbons. This idea can definitely enhance the look of the chairs. These place markers can be used creatively by writing a special message on them. In place of a single balloon many balloon flowers can be used in order to make place markers. The center balloons can be filled with the guest names and tied to the chairs. This can be also be handed over to the guests as party favours.

Balloon decoration can create a cheerful mood and beautify any type of occasion. It is the cheapest accessory that can build excitement to the party. These balloon decoration ideas can be employed to create an elegant look to the celebration. These ideas are a smart way to save money and be creative. They can prove to be a lovely addition to various ceremonies.

Birthday Decoration

We provide one of the best birthday decorations in Udaipur, our creative touch will completely transform your party place into an attractive ambiance perfect for the birthday celebration. We offer different themes for birthday decorations such as Jungle, mickey mouse, ocean, alladin, aeroplane, spiderman etc. Please scroll down below for our work samples.

Birthday Decoration Themes

  1. Aladin Theme
    2. Mickey Mouse Theme
    3. Ocean Theme
    4. Airplane Theme
    5. Spiderman Theme

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