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Punjabi Bagpiper Band in Siliguri|Rajasthani Langa Singer in Howrah|Wedding Dhol in Darjeeling

Panjabi Bagpipe Band

Bagpipe Bands are the highlight of any celebrational function. We provide a team of professional Bagpiper Band Army Military Band for weddings in India

Bagpipe bands have been sought after for centuries. They have an unmatched exuberance, a feeling of excellence, and a sense of excitement. A bagpipe band is a must for events such as weddings, corporate parties, private parties, and the like. Jubilation Events & Weddings understands our customer requirements and provides a top-notch bagpipe band in Siliguri for your interest. Our performers are well trained and adept at making excellent music.

We have different services available as per your requirements. Band for hire options includes full band, which includes 6 or more pipers, 2 side drummers, bass drummer. Mini Band, includes 3 to 4 pipers, 1 to 2 side drummers, bass drummers. Duo includes 2 pipers or 1 piper and 1 drummer and a solo piper. If you have anything else you would like to include, please inform us and we will make the required changes. We play at weddings and are amazing! We really add something special to your day and everyone speaks about how fabulous we are! With the values and the discipline of the army, you can expect them to never disappoint you!

We guarantee that our pipers will add to the experience and entertainment on your wedding day. You can hear some bagpiping samples if you want to make an informed choice. We always have a set of pipes close to hand, so we can play samples to our clients over the phone. If you need some advice on the music that will best suit your individual wedding requirements please contact us, we’d love to help you. Our clients have hired us year after year because we are simply excellent at what we do. Read our testimonials to hear what they say about us.

Contact Artist on Call for a great experience! Always dependable, cheerful, punctual, and professional, Artist on Call is a great asset to have by your side! We are a very disciplined brand and we instill our values in all our performers. They will perform beyond your expectations! Call us now to book them at the lowest prices!

We are providing Best Bagpipe Band, Fauji Band, Army Band (Bagpiper’s), Punjab Pipe Band in India, Howrah, Darjeeling, Medinipur, Murshidabad, Coochbehar, Malda, Birbhum, North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Bankura, Bardhaman, Jalpaiguri, Hooghly, Nadia, Dakshin Dinajpur, Purulia, Uttar Dinajpur, Siliguri.

Rajasthani Langa Singer

Rajasthani Folk Dance Group in Mumbai / Rajasthani Folk Singers in Mumbai (For Wedding/Corporate Events)

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फोक डांस ग्रुप मुंबई, फोक सिंगर्स मुंबई, राजस्थानी कलाकार मुंबई , राजस्थानी डांसर्स मुम्बई , राजस्थानी भवाई क़लबेलिए मुंबई , राजस्थानी डांस ग्रुप पार्टी बॉम्बे

Rajasthani Folk Langa Songs

West Bengal Event Management is a unique dedicated group in India – “Where Orchestra and Folk Music and Folk Dance find their appropriate position and place”… The Complete Combination gives you 100% listening pleasure and comfort to the ears & Soul.

West Bengal Event Management caters to all the areas of orchestral music, Vocal music, live classical music, light music instrumental, Kathak Dance, Rajasthani Folk Dance, Rajasthani Langa Songs Jugalbandi, Fire Shows, Puppet Shows, Wedding, Camel Elephant Horse Riding, Welcome Girls, Mehandi Girls and either independently or combined in a symphony orchestra format presenting thereby with a wonderful blend of good sound.

We provide you with a treat of the best music- best classical music, best Instrumental Music, Best Vocal Music, Best Folk Dances Of Real Rajasthan that is quite ancient.

Offered services: –

Classical Music and Dance
Indian Semi Classical Music
Folk Music and Dance
Langa Rajasthani Songs and Dance
Caricature Artists
Fireworks Artists
Orchestra Dancers
Puppet Shows Management

Wedding Dhol

Punjabi Dhol is also known as bhangra dhol. Bhangra Dhol is a popular folk drum from Punjab. The Punjabi Dhol is well known worldwide due to its prominent place in Punjabi bhangra music. It is the most popular instrument at Indian weddings. The group of musicians will play traditional bhangra music at the event.

  • Punjabhi Dhol Troup
  • Dhol musicians will come in traditional Punjabi wear
  • Musical instruments (Dhol) will brought by musicians
Time: Musicians will be available for maximum 4 hours