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Langa Singer Rajasthan

Udaipur event management the best singers of a traditional folk singing group of Sarangiya Langas, who live in western Rajasthan. Sindhi Sarangi is the traditional instrument of this group.Bundu with a fabled voice is one of the prominent singers of the Langa community. His
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Kalbelia Dance

Kalbeliya is a nomadic community who sometimes introduces themselves as Naath, Jogi, Sapere and Sadhu. Their family business is to catch snakes. This comes in handy as they showcase a number of tricks using these snakes while giving spectacular shows in nearby villages and qasbas
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Best Rajasthani Manganiyar Langa Singers Music Folk Dancers

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Rajasthani Cultural Dances Folk Dances of Rajasthan

Ghoomar Folk Dances of Rajasthan, Indian Folk Dances,Folk Dances of India A major attraction of Rajasthan is the traditional dance form ‘Ghoomar’ which is derived from the Hindi word ‘Ghoomnar’, meaning pirouetting. The clock and anti clock twirls of woman
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