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Rajasthan Event Management is an ethnic designer label inspired by the vibrant handcrafting culture of India. Our handcrafted products include Punjabi juttis, mojaris, khussas, and Indo-Western clothing.

We believe that the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship is best seen in the smallest towns and villages of our country. And our design philosophy is heavily influenced by this great tradition.
Our team has gone back to the roots, traveling far and wide, deep into the country, to bring back gifts from each region; unique gifts from many parts of India, that fit seamlessly into the designs we create.

Rajasthan Event Management was built on three core principles:

Think handicraft: We believe that what we wear is best made by hand. From handpicking even the smallest sequins and finding the perfect fabrics, to crafting our products and applying finishing touches, we connect with every process of making our product directly with our hands. What you receive would be the result of a tireless but honest day’s work of our artisans and our team.

Value and reward craftsmanship: We believe that our artisans are the true driving force of our company. They not just bring their sartorial prowess along with them but also their stories; they help us stay connected to the pulse of our culture. Compensating them above market standards is only a small gesture; they have become a part of our family.

Customer satisfaction: We really feel that Rajasthan Event Management is a brand owned by you, our customer. This is because all our decisions, from design to everyday operations, are taken with the potential customer in mind. We actively ensure that no question remains unanswered, be it through message, email, or social media. Every care is taken to make sure that your Rajasthan Event Management experience is one that will bring a smile on your face.

We believe our humble beginnings will prove to be a strong foundation for the fashion ecosystem we are excited to build. Come, be a part of the P&P cavalcade; we are only getting started!

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