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The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the state. Kathputli is a string wooden puppet performance and is an ancient and well-known form of folk entertainment. A Kathputli means a puppet made of wood and cloth. Rajasthani Puppet Shows for weddings.

The puppets are usually two feet in height with a wooden head a nose and large eyes. The rest of the body is prepared of colorful and bright pieces of cloth. The clothes are stuffed with fabric for free movement. The puppets are made up of mango wood.

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The vivid colors like green, orange, blue, and yellow add attraction and inducement to the kathputli dance. Considering puppetry is the most significant of all dramatic forms because of its creativity and attractiveness.

The costumes are regional and traditional, so the themes usually performed are Rajasthani historical tales or local traditions. As they are without hands and legs. Long Skirts cover the lower half of the puppet. So the hands of puppets stuffed with cloth and cotton for free movements. Face painted with large eyes and other decorations to the face and the neck. The upper portion of the female puppet is dressed in choli and odhani. The male puppets are dressed in achkan and long kurtas. were motivated by the Rajput Dressing Style.

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Book Live Bangle Stall

Lakh Bangles Artist On Rent. We provide lakh bangles artists on rent for corporate events, family days, events, parties, and other functions. Lakh bangles artist rental. Since we provide a full set up of lakh bangle making, so you can book it for your events. As these are the best way to give return gifts to your guests and loved once. you can also engrave your name on that bangle and can put it inside any box with thank you written on it. Lakh bangles artists for hire.

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As these artists are experts and they create a different designs, you can also customize designs according to your choice. So These stalls are a great way to engage your guest. Lakh bangles artists in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer, Jodhpur, and all over Rajasthan.

Hence this activity you can book for your wedding, corporate events, Kitty party, Sangeet, and other events. As we have a great quality bangle stall and we always use the best quality material. Lakh bangles artist rental.

Since our staff is professional artists they know how to engage guests in activities. Basically, these types of activities are famous in events and lots of ladies take interest in these activities. Lakh bangles artists for hire.

Hire Lakh Bangles Artist for Birthday Party Or Any Event

Are you in search of a bangle artist for the next event? Hire Lakh Bangles Artist for Weddings and make every guest explore a new experience.

It won’t be wrong to say that girls or ladies have a cosmic connection with the bangles. And, they are going to love it if it’s a traditional design bangle. Having a lakh bangle artist at your event is going to make your friends and relatives feel something new and innovative vibes. As girls love to wear matching bangles and can pair them with their favorite dress. Our lakh artists can engrave the name on the bangle and make them colorful and personalized too.

Isn’t it amazing that a bangle maker is designing and customizing your favorite color bangles right in front of you? Whatever pattern or color you want, our bangle artist can make it exactly as per requirement.

A Plethora Of Designs To Choose From Lakh Bangles Artists for Events

The lakh bangle artists are highly experienced and guarantee a fun quotient at your event. They have got an easy hand on the bangles and the designs or quality is going to impress everyone at the party. Hire Lakh Bangles Artist for Birthday Party to get both Glass, lakh, and Clay bangles. So they have a wide range of options from colorful bangles to heavily designed Kada(s) serving to be of value to the person’s jewelry.

Hire Lakh Bangles Artist for Weddings and get customized bangles in addition to bracelets. Therefore, allow the guests to get the perfect gift that can be taken to home and enjoyed wearing with their favorite dress. We have done an extensive search and created a network of talented artists and designers to choose from. You can book them and pay for the reserved time with no involvement of extra charges.

Hire an Affordable Lakh Bangles Artist for a Wedding Event

If you’re planning for the next birthday celebration, we suggest including the bangle-making to greet your guests with a return gift. Since Rajasthan Event Management can bring the budget-friendly lakh bangles artist for rental for all sorts of home-based or corporate events. Therefore you can check their work and book them for your event. So, Allow your friends and family members to get the best return gift while leaving the celebration.

Lakh Bangles Artist for Birthday Party and get the names engraved on the bangle. Hence, you can put them in a box with a thank you note. It is surely going to show your gesture and make everyone happy. As we can bring traditional Rajasthani Bangle maker, wedding bangle maker stall, cultural bangle making stalls to add liveliness to the event.

The artists are creative and well experienced to handle any customization or personalized requests of attendees. So Keep your guests engaged with Lakh Bangles Artist for rental. Hence, you can avail of this quality service for weddings, corporate functions, kitty parties, and any other function. The eye-catching designs with quality bangles as a gift will make the event memorable for a long time.

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