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Chana Jor Garam Artist in Lakshadweep

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Rajasthani Guest Welcome Artist in Lakshadweep

For any event, entertainment is indispensable, and to make the event memorable it is imperative to have the best entertainment. There is an extensive array of entertainment options available to make a selection. In the present times, selecting something out of the box is always appreciated to ensure an event’s success.

Shehnai is an incredible instrument with calming and soothing notes. The Shehnai has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries and is often played at various occasions like weddings and other festive occasions. If one wants to add something extraordinary to their event, then Shehnai Players will certainly be the perfect choice to entertain everyone present. The soothing music of the Shehnai will definitely charm the guests and allow them to share the joy.

Lakshadweep Event Management is a renowned company that offers Shehnai Players Service. We are professional Shehnai Players who have the vision to give our best every time we perform. We have performed at various major events and are available to perform across the country and abroad. The Shehnai Players reach the venue before and amaze the audience with their fascinating musical performance and memorable event celebrations.

When it comes to hiring professional Shehnai Players for the wedding and other big events Lakshadweep Event Management is the first choice. We endeavor to provide the highest quality of the Shehnai Playing services to the clients. If interested in booking Shehnai Players for your wedding or another event then contact Lakshadweep Event Management – The Choice of Millions!!

Lakshadweep Event Management is a talented group of inspired, dedicated professional Shehnai players with years of experience who strive to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations and preconceptions of what a special event or Shehnai Wedding band can be. We believe our performance should be attractive in a way that engages all of the guests at your event, involving them in and allowing them to share in the joy and excitement of your celebration.

Shehnai as a musical instrument has special significance in most Indian weddings when Shehnai music is played in the background it creates an amazing atmosphere. This Indian musical instrument belongs to the category of Aerophonic Instruments and the music that is created by playing the Shehnai is considered auspicious in marriage ceremonies in India. Often thought to bring good luck, Shehnais are widely used in North India for marriages and processions. Shehnai plays one of the most important parts of any Indian wedding music, Parties and Welcome occasions, etc., be it for a Bengali wedding, Rajasthani Wedding, Gujrati Wedding, or a Punjabi wedding. Wedding music adds a special charm to a marriage ceremony and the tunes of a Shehnai heightens the mood of the celebrations.

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Kachhi Ghodi

Kachhi Ghodi performs for the entertainment of the bridegroom’s party. Dancers adorn the elaborate costumes giving the effect as if riding on a dummy horse. Shekhawati region is the originating area of this dance form.

Born in France, Marie-Aude now travels the world to dance, teach and learn.

She started her dancing life with the dances of the Orient and of the Gypsy and rounded her education by taking ballet, experimental such as Butoh and Dance Theatre, and modern dance classes and performed with the Raum B dance company in Germany.

With this contemporary dance language in her body, she returned to the path of traditional dances, feeling that, in its cultural forms, dance was as much the expression of human movement as a reflection of the dancer’s environment and life.

She gave up her settled stable life to go on a nomadic journey without return: to meet the world, its inhabitants, and dances.

Without betraying traditions, she manages to carry folk dances beyond their cultural borders to give them a more universal appeal but keeps alive the humanity and spontaneity which characterizes them.

Kalbeliya Dancers in Goa

Kalbelia Dance or Kalbeliya Dance is one of the most popular dance styles of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. They are famous for their unique dance which is an integral part of their culture. Both men and women in the tribe participate in this activity to celebrate joyful occasions. It is also a pride for the Indian folk dance culture (Indian Kalbelia Dance). Their dances and songs are a matter of pride and a marker of identity for the Kalbelias and they represent the creative adaptation of this community of snake charmers to changing socioeconomic conditions and their own role in rural society. The male participants take care of the musical part of the dance. They use different instruments such as the pungi, a woodwind instrument traditionally played to capture snakes, the dufli, been, morchang, khuralio, and the dholak to create the rhythm on which the dancers perform. The dancers are tattooed in traditional designs and wear jewelry and garments richly embroidered with small mirrors and silver thread. As the performance progresses, the rhythm becomes faster and faster and so does the dance. Famous Artist: Gulabo Sapera.