Sitar Tabla Player

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Sitar Players are renowned for their prowess and their perfection when they play this classical instrument. It is a matter of pride for Rajasthan Event Management to present to you the best in the business of classical music. This Sitar Player will set the perfect atmosphere for your event with relaxing Indian sitar background music.

We guarantee to provide any event or venue with an authentic Indian touch. Our extensive repertoire includes both well-known sitar background music and also our own original compositions. We are happy to perform both indoors and outdoors.

We regularly collaborate with other musicians such as Flutist, Jaltarang player and many more to deliver a comprehensive musical experience. We always welcome the opportunity to explore new melodies and create new sounds as a soloist or with other artists.
‘Rajasthan Event Management’ offers a wide range of live music entertainment options for events in Delhi and all over India. Call us now. Our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about this traditional Indian music and guide you through the booking process.

Hiring a flute player for a wedding, corporate event, wedding reception, anniversary, birthday party or any other type of event can really add a touch of sophistication and create an incredible atmosphere to get everyone in the mood of celebration. The Tabla player plays some well-known tunes, Raagas, and songs that would be a perfect choice as background or thematic music during the ceremony. We being professional Tabla players dazzle the event and charm everyone with our mesmerizing tunes. We can also modify our performance based on the distinctive requirement of the clients. We perform on popular and selected in our style melodies that leave the guests fascinated. If you are thinking of booking something extraordinary for your wedding or any other event then you can hire us to spruce up the celebrations.

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