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The vast unending expanse of burning hot sand that makes up the Thar Desert of Rajasthan hosts one of the most vibrant and evocative music cultures of the world. The heady, hypnotic combination of rhythm and melodies sung and played by the Langas and Manganiars are part of the eternal appeal of this mysterious and wondrous land.

Soulful, full throated voices of these two music communities have filled the cool air of the desert night for centuries in a tradition. That reflects all aspects of Rajasthani life. Songs for every occasion, mood and moment. Stories of legendary battles, heroes and lovers engender a spirit of identity, expressed through music. That provides relief from the inhospitable land of heat and dust storms.

Rajasthan Event Management ensemble is an embodiment and amalgamation of all above in present times. Their rustic melodies and beats are heart touching and refreshingly energising.

Rajasthani Folk Dances

Rajasthan is a land of rustic melodies and soulful beats. To give a fulfilled expression to their folk music there are various forms of folk dances that emerged to compliment the melodies.

We will present 3 forms of Rajasthani Folk Dance performances :


Kalbeliya is a nomadic community who sometimes introduces themselves as Naath, Jogi, Sapere and Sadhu. Their family business is to catch snakes. This comes in handy as they showcase a number of tricks using these snakes. While giving spectacular shows in nearby villages and qasbas and at their Jajmaan’s place and thus earn livelihood for themselves. As the time changed they have made permanent lodgings outside the cities.

The women of this community are expert in singing and dancing. In olden times the women use to sing and dance only on special occasions such as weddings, festivals etc. in their very own distinct style. As times changed these women started performing stage shows around the whole world. And with it changed their dancing style as well as their attires. Their swaying dresses, made up of colourful beads give a distinct identity to the women of Kalbeliya community. What makes this attractive dress more interesting is that it is made by the Kalbeliya women themselves. A very interesting fact about them is that they never teach the folk arts to their children. They gain expertise in singing and dancing by watching the elders doing it at home.


Bhavai is a genre of folk dance popular in Rajasthan state in western India. The male or female performers balance a number of earthen pots or brass pitchers as they dance nimbly, pirouetting. And then swaying with the soles of their feet perched on the top of a glass, on the edge of the sword or on the rim of a brass thali (plate) during the performance. The accompaniment to the dance provided by the male performers singing melodious songs and playing a number of musical instruments, which include pakhwaja, dholak, jhanjhar, sarangi, and harmonium.

Traditionally, this genre of dance performs by the female performers belonging to the Jat, Bhil, Raigar, Meena, Kumhar, and Kalbelia communities of Rajasthan. It is assumed that this genre of dance was evolved from the exceptional balancing skills of the females of these communities developed to carry a number of pots of water on head over a long distance in the desert.

Kachhi Ghodi

Kachhi Ghodi performs for the entertainment of bridegroom’s party. Dancers adorn the elaborate costumes giving the effect as if riding on a dummy horse. Shekhawati region is the originating area of this dance form.

Hire International Russian Artist

We have our roots in Mumbai but we serve all over India. It was the first time in the country in 2006 that the Russian and many other international artists entered for service in Indian weddings and that was through us. After that, many other platforms today have the services which serve international artists but as we have pioneered the trend, we have progressed in leaps and bounds and today are much more experienced than the rest. The trend in events like weddings, corporate parties, cocktail parties etc today has a huge inclination towards the foreign entertainers in which Russian entertainers tops the demands.

We have gauged this at the time we first served in India and from that time we have had our own professionals who study trends meticulously. For example, there are many platforms which are giving Russian entertainers to symphony bands.

In-House Russian Artist & Entertainment – Unique Concepts, Brilliant Choreographie

The question here arises how many of them know the intricate details of these bands and promise to provide the highest quality in such demands. Fortunately, we are among the few who are committed to give quality service. Our expertise and experience through various places where we have provided service have made us understand the clients’ desire more clearly and has also helped us to omit the teething mistakes completely. We have now transcended our boundaries in providing the entertaining services which were considered ‘quality’. Now we are capable of providing ‘the best’.

What makes us unique is that we do not have to call the artists from their home country whenever there is a need for the clients. We are today on a firm and strong financial grounds and due to this, we have successfully provided a residence to our foreign artists in India only. They have the residential rights in India and are staying in Panji, Goa. Therefore, we consume no time in calling the artists from their own country and this also cuts the additional costs which clients pay.

Also, we are not limited to hall events, our performers are fully capable and available for performing in open stages as well. These services include symphony band, russian drummers, Flute Mermaid, belly dancers, hosts, welcome hosts and many others. It is sure that our artists are from foreign origin but we have given them full-fledged training in Hindi and English languages. Therefore, there is no language problem with our artists. They are linguistic and so are capable to serve an on-site demand as well. It also helps the hosts to be a people’s person and their hospitality do not appear unntural. Despite providing the services from foreign artists, it is a guarantee that you will get the warmth and affection that you expect from an entertainer on your special day.

We, Rajasthan Event Management as an International Artist Management Company in India provide utmost security to the foreign dancers and models we provide for entertainment. We are customer centric and so we also provide the option of customized service and our rates are also affordable. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and have never disappointed them.

Corporate Entertainment Services

Corporate Event Entertainment

Illusions and magic are a great way to engage people around you. It engages across age and location. Be it on a street, a closed premise like an office building or a house full of relatives coming over for celebrating festivals. It is engaging because of its essence which is nothing but a very fundamental belief that I will catch a corporate magician playing trick right in front of me. A corporate entertainer or an illusionist can easily engage individuals for hours without letting them know.

Best Entertainer for Events

An illusionist possesses the skill to involve everyone around with its walk around magic, whether it’s a child or the grandparent. The magic tricks are available for one and all knowing no time and location boundaries. The stage is his playground and he plays with our mind and our imagination. Over the years, Magic has proved to be significant for and is being used in corporate events. Mind reading helps revealing the company’s facts and figures. Doing same work repeatedly in an office makes the employees dull -as they say- “All work and no play make Tom a dull boy”. Illusions created challenge the minds of the employees which foster productivity of the organization. The tricks involving magic, illusion and mind reading refresh the employees’ minds and a happy worker is a productive worker.

Entertainment for Awards Show

My domain is diversified wherein I’ve performed varieties of magic on the awards shows and stage using many props like hats, table, wand, ribbons etc. Integral to my events is the importance I grant to the theme, occasion and pricing of the event. I am actively involved in the planning the event and organizing it at an optimal price. For clients who face time crunch, I also provide some pre-designed events.

Why Should You Hire Corporate Magician or Entertainer?

Adding spice to the Dealers/Distributors meet: Magic that refresh your senses, Magic that creates a bond between your company and dealers, Magic that reveals success stories of your company and create an everlasting effect in the minds of your dealers/ distributers. It is a great way to make your dealers feel belongingness to your brand which goes a long way in the professional relationships. This furthers the business deals and helps you grow. You can see my latest entertainment for events for Delphi dealers. It is evident that the dealers were enthralled and had a great time. The diverse expressions on their faces say it all.

Fun and Frolic on Annual days: Employees of any organization eagerly wait for the annual Days because this day they all enjoy, eat, dance and play games leaving the daily nagging worries of their jobs behind. Magic is a sure shot way to pamper your employees, show them you care, make them feel their importance in the organization. All the employees go home with the wonderful memories you have given them. How I do this?? Watch my performances as a corporate magician in India in various annual functions and decide for yourself. My performance revolves around engaging and entertaining audiences. I do not believe in conventional mode by just being stationed at the stage but I involve my audience with the variety of magic like table to table magic, close up magic which gives an individual experience.

Lighten up the boring conferences: The era we are in, leaves us always busy with hectic schedules to follow every day. One conference after the other, repetitive content, meeting same people regularly makes it a dry and draining process. Imagine that suddenly an illusionist or a comedy magician appears and takes your mind away from work. How enjoyable and refreshing that could be. So, give a chance to entertain your clients or employees by arranging a quick magic break which will definitely increase their productivity by refreshing their minds. Interactive close up magic or table magic and other magical effects can do wonders.

Festivals and Magic: India is land of diversity. We have diverse religions and beautiful festivals are celebrated here. Everyone is busy running and meeting up their personal and professional goals and these are the only times new-age families come together and spend some time. Families arrange these get-togethers in order to have great time, great food and some fun filled games and activities Why not to make such moments memorable with the help of illusions and magic tricks. I engage the family members with the help of various tricks, mind reading activities and illusions. Members feel that the magic dust is all over them and they enjoy the tricks being performed so up-close to them. The feeling that I will catch the magician performing the trick is what interests all of us in illusions since our childhood. We further get engrossed and wish the magic never to end. The idea is to encourage such gatherings which in turn fill you with sweet lovely memories to be cherished forever. Such events also foster value education and bring the relatives together in a strong bond.

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