Boss Baby Theme Birthday Party at Bhairavgarh Resort & Spa, Udaipur

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Boss Baby Theme Birthday Party

How about welcoming your guests with a huge boss baby theme birthday decoration and inflatables at

Before starting with our work, we make sure that we discuss everything with the parents and also show the pictures to the birthday baby. It is important to take the child’s advice as he is the showstopper of the function. The Boss Baby theme party is best for kids belonging to the age group 3 to 6; accordingly, we plan everything.

Dress Code

This is the most important thing because people these days like to stand out in the crowd. Since it is a Boss Baby theme party the primary colors will be blue, white, and black. Birthday babies, parents, and grandparents need to wear these colors to coordinate with the theme.

It will look the best if the baby dresses up like the Boss Baby and others can twin with the kid. These days parents also want the guests to dress according to the theme, if that is your plan then you can tell everyone who will be attending the party the theme.


People come to the party for the cake, starting from the babies to their parents everyone wants to see how beautiful and tasty the cake is. These days there is no dearth of bakery shops in the market that will make one just the way you want. It can be of any flavor but the ruling colors will be white and sky blue.

The cake should be a bigger one because people can ask for another piece. We also keep some cupcakes next to the birthday of the same flavor because it looks good and the guests can have as many as they want to.


According to the theme we make Boss Baby cutouts, balloon arches in white and blue at the gate, and everything that is relevant. We make a personalized backdrop where the cake cutting session will take place. There can be a photo booth that will be perfect for social media. Obviously, few boys will dress up as the Boss Baby to welcome everyone from the gate. These boys will move around the party to keep the kids entertained throughout.

Return Gifts

This is something every kid likes and they look forward to it. Return gifts are a token of love and a gesture to show gratitude for coming to the party. A return gift can be a Boss Baby pencil box, tiffin box, bottles, stationery items, and so on. If your budget is higher then we can arrange a Boss Baby t-shirt or sweaters for the kids. Let us know about it beforehand because we need to pack them and get them ready with Boss Baby gift bags.

It looks really colorful when we arrange the return gifts on the table, most of the kids are inquisitive to find out what is in it. Few wait to grab their gift; this is the reason sometimes after the cake cutting session, we ask the birthday boy or the girl to hand over the gifts. We make a small stage so that every kid can come up, show what they are wearing, and click a picture with the birthday boy. By the end of the party, the hard copy of the photos will be ready to be given.

Birthday Games Stall on Rent

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