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Birthdays and balloons go hand in hand. Birthday balloon decorations, too, are something adored by adults and children alike. Hence, it is no wonder that balloons make the perfect addition to your DIY birthday decorations at home, your birthday too, being an occasion for mirth and jubilation. Not to mention, how economical and easy to assemble birthday balloon decorations at home are. Balloons have grown to be associated with birthday parties and celebrations of all sorts both traditionally and as a matter of convenience, to the point where they are an indispensable item in festivities.

However, despite our familiarity with these colourful gaseous globes, it is always prudent to look into the best options available before making investments for any occasion. So, here’s our list of the different types of birthday balloon decorations one might find for purchase, and what are some best ways to set them up:

Types of Birthday Balloon for Decoration

There are many types of birthday balloons available in the market today. So the first is to decide on the type of balloons you wish to use. Here are some of the most popular and easily available varieties of birthday balloons.

Latex Balloons for Birthday Balloon Decoration

Latex balloons are by far the most common and easily available type, nor is any birthday balloon decoration complete without them. From your street vendor to a department store– we can vouch that you will find latex balloons everywhere. These balloons may be filled with either air or helium, and are often found to be of greater expediency to many as they can be inflated by both manual methods (blowing air directly into the balloon) as well as using an air pump. Latex balloons are also the most pocket-friendly variety of birthday balloons out there as a sufficiently large amount may be bought in bulk at very reasonable prices. However, unlike some other kinds of birthday balloon decorations, latex ones do not last very long and begin to deflate in two to three days, hence rendering them non-reusable. Nevertheless, latex balloons remain the most popular choice of balloons for birthdays and other decorative purposes.

Colourful latex balloons for your perfect birthday partyAdd a burst of solid colours to your birthday balloon decoration with a latex balloon

Foil Balloons for Birthday Balloon Decoration

These are balloons which are made of aluminium foil and consist of a layer of nylon at the back side of the outer surface. Foil balloons generally have a shiny, metallic texture to them and come in a variety of different shapes apart from the usual roundish, ovaloid and heart designs. In fact, given their flexible nature, these types of balloons may even be customised to resemble any object of one’s choice, such as a favourite cartoon character. Given the nylon coating in them, the gas has little scope to escape, making these more long-lasting than latex birthday balloon decorations. Not to mention that, unlike latex balloons, foil ones are reusable and may be filled up with gas again after they have run out. However, these types of birthday balloons are significantly more expensive than other birthday balloons, as a single piece may be sold at about Rs.100. But if budget is not a big constraint for your birthday party then it is always advised to go ahead with foil birthday balloon decorations. No other type of balloon will give you a set of options as wide.

Various fun cartoon characters for birthday balloon decorations hoard of different fun shapes with foil birthday balloons.

Bubble Balloons for Birthday Balloon Decoration

These types of balloons are named so given their clear, transparent, and perfectly spherical appearance. They may be made of silicone or clear PVC, and are by far the most durable kind of the lot. These balloons are not as inexpensive as latex ones, and neither do they come at lofty prices like foil balloons – their rates lie at a comfortable mid-range of about Rs. 30 per piece. Bubble balloons have gained significant popularity among people seeking birthday balloon decorations recently as the glassy exterior provides scope for implementing many creative layouts in ornamentation. A few ways to arrange this kind of balloon for a birthday party is discussed later in the article.

Clear balloons for birthday party Add a tinge of sophistication to your balloon decoration for your birthday with a hoard of transparent bubble balloons

Modelling Balloons for Birthday Balloon Decoration

Balloon art, or balloon animals are a notorious favourite in children’s birthday parties. The special category of latex balloons used for making these various interesting shapes are known as modelling balloons. Balloon sculptures make some of the best birthday balloon decorations.Typically, these balloons are sold wholesale and come at Rs.150 for a pack of 100. Of course, to make proper utility of modelling balloons there should be someone adept at shaping balloon structures. Balloon modelling also happens to be a service available for purchase– certain decorators who specialise in birthday balloon modelling may also agree to demonstrate their techniques in front of guests who are children, thus adding to the birthday party fun.

Best balloon sculptures for your best partyFascinate your guests with wonderful birthday balloon decoration sculptures.

Cloudbuster Balloons for Birthday Balloon Decoration

Cloudbusters are balloons made using a compound named chloroprene. As the name suggests, these are not your usual handy balloons, but giant globes of gas. A typical cloudbuster balloon will have a diameter of about 5 feet. It goes without saying that such magnificent structures can only be suitable for being on display at outdoor parties. Also, it should be noted that given their size, these are the most expensive birthday balloon decorations featured in this list, with prices for a single balloon possibly soaring upto Rs. 2000. Opting for this kind of balloon decoration for birthdays will surely leave your guests awestruck.

Make your party fun with these cloudbustersMagnificent cloudbusters for your perfect birthday balloon decoration at home

Best Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas

There are so many different ways you can decorate birthday balloons. So whether you want to keep it simple and decorative, or lavish and luxurious – balloons can be used to set the theme. Choose from these different types of birthday balloon decorations and let your creativity flow.

Balloon Pillars as Birthday Balloon Decoration

This simple trick consists of binding circular latex balloons into a cylindrical structure using a sturdy pole as a base. Alternatively, instead of arranging the balloons around a pole, one could use balloons filled with air towards the bottom of the structure whilst using Helium-filled balloons for the top – this will ensure that the balloon pillar is supported by its own architecture. Using balloons of contrasting colours to create a spiralling illusion in the column may also add a certain zing to the balloon decoration for the birthday party. They are also sufficiently easy to construct for even amateurs in birthday balloon decoration.

Balloon pillars on display Such lovely balloon pillars will surely perk up your birthday balloon decorations

Balloon Arches as Birthday Balloon Decoration

The aforementioned birthday balloon pillar may be extended a bit more to create another colourful and grandiose birthday balloon sculpture, that is the birthday balloon arch. For a solid arch all one needs to do is the first shape two pillars out of balloons and then go on to join their tops by arranging more balloons in a curved shape. Another form of balloon arch may be the “String of Pearls” type where instead of arranging the balloons in a sturdy, solid parabolic structure, there are gaps maintained between each consecutive balloon, thus resembling a bejewelled necklace, or as the name suggests, a string of pearls. For this type of arch, both ends are fixed to the ground. Many believe that placing a balloon arch at the entrance to the birthday party makes a rather impressive birthday balloon decoration.

Birthday balloon arch on display perfect birthday balloon decoration arch to welcome your guests

Decorating with Bubble Balloons

Bubble balloons hold a lot of potential for birthday decor. They can be encircled with strings of LED light, thus giving rise to a visual effect where the light is reflected and refracted across the transparent surface. Also, larger transparent balloons may be filled with glitter or varicoloured confetti. Creating “double balloons” by putting a smaller, coloured latex balloon inside a bubble balloon may also be a good idea. All in all, transparent bubble balloons are definitely the newest vogue in balloon decoration for birthday parties.

Bubble balloon decoration ideas bubble balloons decoration ideas to bring radiance to your birthday party

Balloon Ceiling as Birthday Balloon Decoration

A great idea for indoor birthday balloon decorations for a party seems to be creating a balloon ceiling. For this, one must fill up latex balloons with helium gas and, instead of keeping them grounded with the help of a string, let them fly. The balloons will have to stop at some point when they hit the ceiling and soon the entire surface of the ceiling will be blanketed by balloons. No wonder that this will make quite an effect for your birthday party guests to marvel at. Not to mention that this is not too difficult to arrange for people going for a birthday balloon decoration at home.

Balloon bouquets and wreaths as Birthday Balloon Decoration

Clustering up balloons, be they latex or foil ones, to form bouquets and wreaths for the walls and table tops will surely add some uniqueness to your birthday party.

Balloon wreaths for birthday balloon decoration unique birthday balloon decoration with balloon bouquets and wreaths

Best Colour Combinations for Birthday Balloon Decorations

Balloons are perfect for any party decoration, they add happiness and make any celebration more colourful. Some of the best colour combinations for birthday balloon decorations are:

  1. Pink and White – This classic white and baby pink colour birthday balloon decoration is ideal for setting a playful tone and looks elegant in any space.
  2. Blue and White – This combination of colours mainly suits you best if you are planning to have a birthday party for a young boy. It looks subtle yet fun.
  3. Yellow and Orange – To dazzle your birthday celebration, try this colour combination for birthday balloon decorations. It can make any neutral space the cheeriest of all.
  4. Chrome Gold and Silver – This trendy combination is especially best for celebrating a silver or golden jubilee. It gives the right amount of glitter or shine to your party but does not look too loud.

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