Jungle Theme Party at Tathastu Restaurant, Udaipur

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Elephant, lion, tiger, zebra, giraffe we bring all animals in such a funniest way to your birthday party that you started enjoying the Animal Company. We design entire ambiance like a jungle to recall all your childhood memories of the famous Jungle Book.

Jungle Theme Party Planner Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, Ajmer and all over Rajasthan. Organizing an event on a jungle theme is an enthusiastic for an organizer. The best location is the outdoor for that type of theme based party.

Certainly Farm houses venue will be perfect for the event. The venue should be decorated with the hanging like pictures of animals, posters of trees, hunter pictures etc. Jungle Themed Birthday Party.

Certainly ff the entrance is the mouth of a giant lion with trees on the both side of the entrance then it looks amazing. Beers and giraffe are showering fragrance to the guests.

Beside this venue should be decorated in such a way that all the gathering feels themselves in a jungle itself. False Trees made up of thermocol and plastic are all over placed.

Seems like plants like ferns and bamboos and palms give look of actual Jungle. Jungle Theme Party Ideas.

Artificial Reptiles and Snakes can be placed here and there, false canal can be there. Safari Hats and t-shirts, binoculars are provided to the participants. Jungle Themed Birthday Party.

Above all a kid in the costumes of animals, painted faces roaming here and there catches the eyes. Queue of small tents are placed in very short distances. Jungle Theme Party Decoration.

Jungle Themed Birthday Party:

Arrangement of barbecue so everyone can enjoy the roasting of chicken or mutton pieces. In addition of barbecue the venue is designed in that a way that the bone fire and games accordingly set. Prizes for the winners. Jungle Theme Party Ideas.

Furthermore the Jungle Cake enhances the fun. Meals must contain non -vegetarian along with the vegetarian and continental food. Sippers for kids filled with fruit juices and even more items.

Similarly monkey and Lion shaped balloons and jungle music with drum beats provide real look to the event. Jungle Theme Party Planner Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, Ajmer and all over Rajasthan.

Most importantly dancers will perform tribal dances in various groups. Different jelly packet in various animals shapes and Swirl Lollipop for return gifts. Jungle Theme Party Decoration.

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